New NYX Makeup & Mini Reviews

Hello again! I made a trip to Ulta a few weeks ago to complete my Christmas shopping and I came across a new NYX display! After swatching the products for a while these were the items that came home with me!

Top: Snow Rose, Left: Lavendar Steel, Right: Synthetica
The first thing I thought when I saw these NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating powders were “omg! dupes for the mac duo chromatic highlighters!” I picked up 3/6 that NYX offered and I did pick up Show Gold by MAC. However, I’m not sure any of the options i bought would compare to my choice, but when given the chance i will update this post with comparison swatches.
It was hard to capture the duo chromatic-ness of these gorgeous highlighters since I did take pictures late at night, but I tried my best. The texture is smooth, however not creamy like Becca highlighters. I would say that they feel like the MAC mineralize skinfinishes such as soft & gentle. The formula was a little hard to pick up with my finger however when used with a small blush brush (my preferred method of highlighter application) I had absolutely no problems. The wear time was about 4-5 hours before i noticed a slight fade on my face.
I bought these while Ulta was having  a sale; BOGO 1/2 off, so I also got their other option: NYX Away We Glow Liquid highlighters.
These Away We Glow liquid highlighters are basically Becca liquid highlighter spotlight wand dupes. The lighter option, Daytime Halo, feels like Becca Moonstone and Opal had a baby and NYX adopted it. lol!
The wand is pretty big and it allows you to apply the highlighter precisely where you mean to. If you’re wanting to do the cupid’s bow or inner corner, I would suggest using the tip of the wand for precise application.
 L-R: Gold Rush, Daytime Glow
The second option, Gold Rush is my absolute favorite. It is perfect for us gals in the medium/dark skin tone range. I don’t know if Becca has a dupe for this, or any other brand with this type of liquid highlighter option, but it is unique in my collection. It is a stunner! I haven’t had the chance to try these but i will report back.
Lastly, you need to RUN… not walk, RUN to your Ulta or get online and order these NYX Pin Up Pout lipsticks STAT!! I have been turned off by their lipstick options before because to me they have a soapy smell. I’m so happy to report these don’t smell like anything. It was the first thing I did – smell them- before attempting to look at the color options. After swatching all the shades, I ended up picking up two: Rebel Soul and Resistance.
 L-R: Rebel Soul, Resistance
I haven’t worn Rebel Soul, but I did wear Resistance to work with my MAC Plum lipliner and it stayed put until well after lunch. The formula is reminiscent of MAC’s creme sheen and satin formulas. It is comfortable on the lips, it doesn’t dry them out, and it has pretty good lasting power (about 5-6 hours with some fading when i ate lunch). I think these are my current favorite drugstore lip options. I highly recommend you check them out.
 L-R: Rebel Soul, Resistance
Thank you so much for reading to the end! I haven’t been this excited about drugstore makeup in a while! I’m very happy with all my purchases and recommend everything I got! Have you seen these NYX displays? What are your thoughts?! Let me know!
Much love,

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