Natasha Denona Holiday 2017 Review and First Impressions!


From the first time I saw press release photos of the Natasha Denona holiday collection, I knew I had to have it. The shades were just beautiful, the looks and tutorials they were coming out with were stunning, and I didn’t have much from her so I wanted to try them out.

I picked up the two eyeshadow palettes ($48/each) as soon as they released. When I received the package I was sad to see that my Aeris palette had arrived with two shrunken, popped-out shadows. I called Sephora and was immediately refunded. I was able to press them back into the pans, no problem. Since then, a third shade has popped out of my Aeris palette which I repressed. And while taking pictures for this blog post, a shade in my Joya palette seemed to pop up in one corner. I’ve since repressed it.


The formula for the shades range from creamy-feeling, to regular pressed powder, to a kind of shimmer/gritty feeling (sorry y’all, I’m not really getting technical here). All of the shades swatch beautifully and are very opaque. I’ve used both palettes and they blend easily and are really no-fuss, especially if you’re not good at blending– like me!


My favorite of the two options is Aeris. I am deeply in love with the middle burnt orange matte shade and of course the blue. I did a quick look using both shades, the orange on the lids and the blue on the waterline and it was pretty great!


Now, Joya is beautiful too. The colors are pretty, but if you’ve got a ton of warm shades, which you might: they seem to be all the rage now, then you probably have some dupes in your collection. I’ve seen many people create looks with this palette that are breathtaking! It’s really up to your personal preference when it comes to selection.


As far as the pans popping up – I’m not exactly sure why this is happening. I looked up the reviews on Sephora and Beautylish websites and saw I wasn’t the only one having this problem. I also went on ND’s instagram account and saw that they replied to people saying the shadows weren’t shrinking, but were due to the formula or something like that. To be completely honest, at the price point that they are – its not worth it to have to be fussing with the palettes. I received refunds for them, so I am okay messing with them to make them work. But, no one should be having this much trouble.


Brand new to my collection are the Chroma Crystal Top Coats ($28/each). I picked them up during the VIBR sale. Initially, I picked up Peach and Grey Brown, but then I said “what the heck” and got Nude and Bronze as well.

These are almost cooling to the touch. They are extremely soft and I was able to pick up a lot of the product with a soft touch. I read reviews online saying that these were like topcoats, but I’m not so sure I would agree. Mine were super opaque and I feel that I could use them all over the lids without needing a shade underneath.

I think the nude and bronze shade may look the same – so I don’t think both are needed, but after that, peach and grey brown are both REALLY nice. If I were to recommend anything from this holiday collection it would be one of the topcoats. Which? Whichever you feel you’ll wear the most. I tried my hardest to capture the beautiful shimmer, but it was impossible. I’ll have a video on my Insta story/post on this so you can see just how beautiful they are!


Swatched L-R: Nude, Grey Brown, Bronze, Peach

I dont think these compare to the topcoats that Tom Ford has. I own Golden Peach and I’m not a fan of the shimmer portion of that  duo. When compared, the TF shimmer is dry to the touch and definitely sheer. The ND are, like previously mentioned, cool to the touch, ultra soft, and have more color payoff.

Are you thinking about getting any of these? You can shop them now during the VIB/BI sale – who doesn’t love an extra percent off?! Thank you so much for reading!

Till next time…

Denise R.


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