My Nighttime Skincare Routine.

It’s taken me several years to really be comfortable with my nighttime skincare routine. I have been on a consistent routine for the past month and have seen some changes in my skin that I *know* are the result of the effort I’ve been putting in.I do have to say that some of the items have changed here and there but the order of my routine has pretty much stayed the same. I do try to do it early in the evening so it doesn’t seem so tedious when I’m finally sleepy enough to the point where I just turn over and start snoring, lol, because if I wait until then I probably won’t get it done.

Here’s my routine:

I start off by using an eye makeup remover with a cotton ball. I’m currently using both my Bobbi Brown Eye Makeup Remover & Georgette Klinger 3x Makeup Remover. Both have worked great but since I stupidly knocked over my BB and more than half the bottle went down the drain, I am sticking to my GK.

Second: I remove the rest of my makeup with makeup-removing wipes. I’m currently using the Sephora Brand collection and they are soft and hydrating and don’t tug at my skin which is a win for me. I was previously using a different Sephora brand wipe that had one side scrub particles, other side smooth but found them to tough for my skin.

I follow up with my Purity Cleanser & Michael Todd Beauty Soniclear to really get all of the gunk out of my face. I have been using it for a month now but for the past two nights, my face has begun to react to the brush as if it was too rough, so I may start using it every other day.

This is a step I only do about 3 times a week, but it is part of my routine half the time so I will include it. I will use a face mask every few days to keep my skin feeling great. My favorite mask at the moment is my Fresh Creme Ancienne, however I do rotate between others I enjoy, such as this Peter Thomas Roth face mask.

After that I just pay dry my face with a towel and use my Ole Henrikson Toner with a cotton ball, using round circular motions on my face. This leaves a cooling sensation that I don’t mind but may be bothersome to those with ultra sensitive skin.

Finally: my night creams! I’ve been using my Bobbi Brown eye cream that I got in a gift with purchase. I like heavier creams during the colder months since my skin tends to dry up more than usual. My face serum was the Drunk Elephant T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum but I’ve since finished it and am now using my Origins High Potency Night-a-Minis Renewal Cream. And last but not least: my Grande Cosmetics Lash MD Serum for my eyelashes. I now swear by this stuff it’s amazing! It has done so much for my lashes. From growing, regrowing bald spots, to strengthening and lengthening, I absolutely love it!

I know it seems like a whole lot of skincare but trust me when I say that aside from my skin feeling baby-bottom smooth, I have seen my pores diminish and less breakouts occurring.

What does your skincare routine consist of? Do you have this many steps or do you do more? What products do you love and recommend?! Let me know!

Thank you for reading!! See you next time…

Denise R.

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3 thoughts on “My Nighttime Skincare Routine.

  1. You’re so good!! I use micellar water to cleanse, pixi glow tonic, and pond’s dry skin cream……. haha and that’s it! A hydrating mask here and there. I had no idea that’s what that Grande mascara does. I need to start reading IG captions more carefully.

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