My Winter Beauty Essentials!

The weather in Texas last winter was quite warm. It was actually about 85 degrees on Christmas Day! A little disappointing but that’s okay.This year we’ve experienced colder weather – more so than usual. In fact, it actually snowed here a couple of weeks ago: a rarity! Today was the first day that I applied my usual makeup and was horrified that my nose and forehead was peeling from dried skin!

I’m usually oily so when this happens I know I have to switch up some of my Beauty products in order to accommodate the changes my skin is going through.

I thought it would be great to write a post of some things I add to my routine and some things i switch from! So as I was previously saying: I had already applied foundation when I saw the dry skin. I immediately washed my face with my favorite cleanser, which you can read about here.

I then applied a hydration mask for a quick 5 minutes – my favorite one currently is the Sephora Brand Rose Face Mask which adds hydration and brightens my skin. I had to switch up my moisturizer from a gel to cream, which is thicker and also adds hydration. My favorite cream moisturizer is the Clinique Moisture Surge Intense. It is too heavy during the warm months but when my skin is needing the extra hydration, it is perfect.

On days my skin is very dry I really love using my MAC Strobe Cream as my primer. I know it’s not marketed as one but it does a good job at keeping my makeup on for a decent amount of time. On days like these I usually refrain from using any foundations, but if i want to look put together I reach for my CC/BB creams. It Cosmetics CC Cream is a good one, but I think my favorite has to be my Bare Minerals Rescue Complexion. I also put away any setting powder that mattifies and reach for my Laura Mercier Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder which gives a luminous finish to the face.

Moving away from complexion, I like to hydrate my lips as much as possible because without doing so, they usually result in dry, cracked lips, which sucks! My favorite balm at the moment is my Fresh Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating lipbalm. I also exfoliate using my Tarte lip exfoliator.

What changes do you make when your skin changes? I truly wasn’t expecting my skin to change but I can’t blame it – the weather has been insane lately. 30s one day, 80s the next. Let me know what products you love and recommend!!

Thanks for reading! Till next time…

Denise R.

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