A Week In Makeup!


Reviewing the makeup products I use on a weekly basis is something I have dedicated to doing every week. I usually take to Instagram Stories to post my thoughts on what I used, how I felt about it, etc. I decided this week to take it a step further and actually write a blogpost about it in case anyone happened to miss it since it disappears in 24 hours.

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Review: Urban Decay Troublemaker Eyeshadow Palette & Mascara

I was so perplexed when I opened the door to the UPS man and he handed me a package that was from Urban Decay. I know every single package that is arriving at my house and even have an app to track what packages should be arriving on what days. When I saw this box I had no idea that I would be sent a PR sample of their Troublemaker Eyeshadow Palette and mascara! Continue reading

Review: Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipsticks in Shawty and Freckle Fiesta.

I’m not really sure how this happened but I completely overlooked the release of these lipsticks. I couldn’t even tell you if they released on Sephora’s website first or they were released together on the web and in-store but a few days before the new year my sister and I happened to pop in and she brought me to these. Continue reading