Review: Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipsticks in Shawty and Freckle Fiesta.

I’m not really sure how this happened but I completely overlooked the release of these lipsticks. I couldn’t even tell you if they released on Sephora’s website first or they were released together on the web and in-store but a few days before the new year my sister and I happened to pop in and she brought me to these.

She told me she had purchased the shade Shawty and loved it and recommended it to me. I was surprised I hadn’t really paid attention to this launch but swatching them and feeling the consistency I knew I had to have at least one! So naturally, I bought two: Shawty and Freckle Fiesta!

I’ve only shown one in my Instagram feed, as you can see here, but I also have another that I am absolutely loving! Fenty beauty marketed these matte lipsticks as:

“An ultra-slim lipstick with a long-wearing, petal-soft matte finish, created in a rainbow of weightless, color-intense shades designed to flatter all skin tones.”

I have worn these shades quite a few times now and I do have to say that the formula of these is indeed a very soft matte formula and very comfortable. If I can compare this to any formula, I would say it is almost identical to MAC Cosmetics’ Satin formula. It isn’t slippery, but it doesn’t dry down on your lips, which is great for those of us with easily dry, chapped lips. I would still recommend you prep them with balm or lip scrub before hand though because it can emphasize patchy areas.

All of the shades were very opaque with one swatch. Sadly, I do not have the complete range of lipsticks to show you, but a quick google search will bring up temptalia’s website where she has swatched them all. There are colors in here for everyone, whether you’re more of a nude lip lover, red, or bold, she has just a little bit for everyone.

Now on to the part of the description that I disagree with: long-wearing. If you’re not going to be drinking or eating anything, then yes, absolutely! This lipstick may last you an entire day. However, I found it to transfer easily onto my straw one day while having lunch. It also transferred onto my burger bun (gross! I hate when that happens), and I found myself needing to reapply this lipstick.

What I find when it comes to these satin formula-types is that it will be comfortable but at a price. You kind of have to choose between comfort and longevity. For me, personally, some lipsticks are just too drying to prefer long wearing (MAC retro matte, I’m looking at you), and some are super comfortable but definitely not transfer proof and/or long lasting.

Swatched: Freckle Fiesta, Shawty

In the end, I choose comfort. I am really happy with these lipsticks and even happier with the shade range. I feel that often times a lot of the colors don’t work for me because they are just too light for my skin tone. But, I honestly feel that any of the shades offered would work on me, its just what I would prefer to wear (definitely not the bold shades!)

The next color on my list is definitely Spanked! It looks like such a pretty shade! I will have to wait for February to purchase it. Until then, I will stalk the hashtag and look up more reviews and swatches of it.

These lipsticks can be purchased here.

Thanks for reading! Until next time…

Denise R.

* Some links provided are affiliate links.

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