Review: Urban Decay Troublemaker Eyeshadow Palette & Mascara

I was so perplexed when I opened the door to the UPS man and he handed me a package that was from Urban Decay. I know every single package that is arriving at my house and even have an app to track what packages should be arriving on what days. When I saw this box I had no idea that I would be sent a PR sample of their Troublemaker Eyeshadow Palette and mascara!

I honestly could not believe it. I have been a huge fan of Urban Decay Cosmetics since I got into makeup back in 2010. I remember the original Naked palette was the first palette I purchased for myself when I got my big girl job. It had been sold out for weeks and I called my local Sephora so many times asking if they had it in stock. I remember it was a Friday when I got the good news that they had finally received some so after work, I went straight to the mall. I even Instagrammed this epic moment.

Today I want to review their newish Troublemaker Palette and mascara. This palette isn’t brand spankin’ new, it has been out for a month or so and is currently on sale at Sephora for $24.00. Direct link here and on Urban Decay’s website as well. I will concentrate on the eyeshadow palette first. Urban Decay describes this palette as:

“A palette with 10 sultry eyeshadow shades, paired with a travel-size Troublemaker Mascara. Small enough to take anywhere, Troublemaker Eyeshadow Palette was made for sin. These shades are perfect for when you’re up to no good—from a warm red matte to a metallic smoky gray with a shifty red-brown undertone. This palette even includes one split-pan shadow, Clash, which has a shimmery white on one half and UD’s legendary blackest black matte (Blackout) on the other. Every shade has a velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power, and ultimate blendability.”

Swatched L-R: Clash (Black & White), Relish, 7&7, Riot, Bailout

The shades in this palette swatch very nice, with the exception of Relish, which was the only one that appeared patchy on the skin. I have used this shadow on my eyes and had no trouble blending out the color with my MAC 217 brush. It did take some time to blend, but that may be because I packed the brush with a lot of color in order to blend throughout my crease. Every other shade in this palette swatched nicely and was very smooth, especially the shimmer shades.

Swatched L-R: Afterhours, Bankroll, Girl Crush, Knockout

I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of the split-pan eyeshadow, mostly because pairing a white and black shadow together can cause some trouble (no pun intended). However, using a small brush should be fine. I was able to fit my pinky in each shade and didn’t pick up the other when swatching on my arm.

I created two looks on two different days with this palette. For both days I applied my trusty NARS Smudge Proof Pro Primer to prime my eyes. I do this with any and every eyeshadow palette because my eyelids are oily and it would just be a big mess no matter what any brand claims about their shadows. On the first day I used the shades: 7&7 in the crease, Bankroll on the inner and outer corners, and Riot right in the center of my eyelid. I LOVED the way it turned out. If you’d like to see a picture, I posted one on my Twitter account here.

For the second look, I started with the shade Bailout, which is a creamy color. I didn’t think this would work to set my lids, but it actually wasn’t too light so it worked out perfectly! I used 7&7 on the crease, Relish on the crease (I did take my time blending this shade out), Girl Crush on the lids, and Knockout mixed with Relish on the lower lash line to smoke it out. I also posted this look on my Twitter account, which you can see here. It was an easy daytime look and I really liked the way it turned out. I paired it with their LE Troublemaker lipstick that released last year, but I don’t think its available anymore. I just want to add that I had no problems with the shadows fading or creasing throughout the day, but reminder: I always wear primer.

On to the mascara! Urban Decay describes their mascara as:

“A failsafe mascara that delivers a lengthening, perfectly fanned-out look with extreme volume for longer, thicker-looking lashes.”

I opened up the travel size mascara to try out because if you know me, you know that I HATE to have more than one mascara open at a time, so I saved the full size and opened up the travel size. The wand seemed to be a bit small and every time I moved to coat the inner lashes I thought I was gonna hit my eye with the end of it, but actually it coated my lashes altogether which was pretty neat. I do have to say that using it on its own did elongate and separate my lashes, but it lacked the volume I have gotten when using a different mascara or lash primer, specifically my Lancome Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base.

The second time I created a look with these products, I used my lash primer before applying the Troublemaker mascara and it worked out so much better. In addition to adding the primer, I also coated my lashes several times to thicken the lashes up to provide some volume. I didn’t experience any flaking of the mascara. Overall I think this mascara will work for those looking to elongate and separate. But for me, I did feel that I needed additional help to achieve the lash look I wanted.

I am really happy with this palette and cannot wait to create some more looks with it. I think its small but packs a punch, you can definitely create some neutral, everyday, work-appropriate looks, and you can use this same palette to vamp it up at night, do bright colored eye looks. The mascara is great, but may be more favorable to someone with generally thicker lashes just looking to elongate.

Thank you so much to Urban Decay for sending me this to review! I was FLOORED when I saw I had been sent this palette, as it was actually on my Loves List on Sephora and was going to be purchased after my no-buy.

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time…

Denise R.

*link to sephora is an affiliate link

3 thoughts on “Review: Urban Decay Troublemaker Eyeshadow Palette & Mascara

  1. This palette looks really pretty – but I hate split pans too! Also, I hate that there isn’t a pale (matte) brow bone colour, that’s kind of the kicker for me usually.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes the split pans can be tough. I actually really liked the shade Bailout for a matte brow bone color. It worked great on my skin and usually they are too white for me lol


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