A Week In Makeup!


Reviewing the makeup products I use on a weekly basis is something I have dedicated to doing every week. I usually take to Instagram Stories to post my thoughts on what I used, how I felt about it, etc. I decided this week to take it a step further and actually write a blogpost about it in case anyone happened to miss it since it disappears in 24 hours.

As you might know, I am currently on a no-buy (read why and how I’m going about it here) and trying to use what I currently have — which is quite a lot if I do say so myself. I’m sure my husband would agree as well lol! I actually purchased an app to add all of my eyeshadow palettes and blushes onto a spinning wheel in order to pick out some items for me to use. These were the products and how I felt about them:

Jouer Essential Matte & Shimmer Palette.


I think this is a palette I’ve photographed and mentioned quite a few times but never in depth. I have used the cooler side a few times and absolutely love the shades (left half of palette). When the wheel picked it out for me I decided to use the right half, specifically the burnt orange and tan matte shades. I was very underwhelmed by the burnt orange shade. It is so dark in the pan but on my eyes it literally looked like a bright orange. I did not like the look at all. I feel that if maybe I had incorporated the darker matte shade it might have been alright but I was in a hurry. This is now on my maybe pile and I will have to use it more before deciding whether or not I should keep it.

NARS The Veil Cheek Palette.


I actually really like the blush in this face palette however I must say that it did take some time to build up. I actually found it to be the same as their re-done bronzers. It takes some time to break through but if you have the patience you will be rewarded because the blush is stunning and I can see this whole face palette being a hit in the summer.

Morphe 15D Palette.


I bought this when they were having some kind of sale over at morphe.. I think it was either a percentage off or free shipping. This palette has gotten so-so reviews on the youtube and blog websites I researched before I pulled the plug. I am happy to say that I actually enjoyed using this palette. The darker matte shades swatched very patchy but they weren’t hard to work with and I had no issues creating a soft smokey eye. I do have to say that they definitely do not feel like the JHxMorphe shadows. Those are just pigmented and buttery smooth. These were not but at $15, the performance of them was great to me. I am definitely keeping this one and cant wait to use it again!

MAC Warm Soul Blush.


Oh boy. I have had a love/hate relationship with this blush for years, because I have had it for years. I go through periods where I love this blush, then I hate it and want to declutter it, then I absolutely love it again. I’m currently in a “I love my warm soul blush!” phase so this one was great for me. Plus I lucked out that it was selected along with the 15N palette because it was the perfect neutral for the smokey look. This is a blush I continuously recommend on my Instagram because it is the perfect blush to pair on natural days and days where you might go bold with either a lip or eye.

Tarte Tarteist Pro Palette.


This was one I really enjoyed bringing back out to use. I really loved swatching the shades for my Instagram and even more so using it. This palette got mixed reviews when it released last year, but every time that I’ve used it I have had no problems with it. The shadows are much like the 12-pan palettes. Some can be chalky when swatched with fingers but blended out with a brush has worked out perfectly for me. If you own this palette I would suggest bringing it back out to use. It is really beautiful!

City Color Cosmetics Sweet Pea Blush.


I cannot rave about these blushes enough. I came across them as I was shopping at a dollar store in the downtown area of my city. At $2.99 I decided to get two of them to try them out and oh man. I have been meaning to go back for more because they are absolutely fabulous. They are soft but don’t crumble and I can take a soft or stiff brush and apply the colors on my cheeks without difficulty. The color lasts all day too. If you can find this affordable brand near you I would recommend the blushes hands down!

Urban Decay Troublemaker Palette.

This palette was one that I used two times this week. For a full review on this palette, you can click here.

These are the products I used this week. Have you used any of these recently? How do you feel about them? I enjoyed using them all but i am going to think about the Jouer palette. Also, I think I may go about the Roulette differently this coming week.


I want to make sure there aren’t any repeats so close to each other so if the app selects any of these products I may spin again. I also want to select 3 palettes and 3 blushes to concentrate on for the entire week so that I can get a couple of uses out of each.

Thank you for reading this very long, rambly post! I truly appreciate it!

Till next time…

Denise R.

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4 thoughts on “A Week In Makeup!

    1. The app is called Wheel of What! I’ve been enjoying it since I have a good sized makeup collection and kept reaching for the same things. It’s helped me use some stuff I hadn’t used in forever! If you try it let me know how it works for you!

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