New Year Anti Haul!

Now that I’ve finished sharing with you all my 2017 beauty favorites, makeup regrets, etc. I’m ready to kick off the new year with an anti-haul. In case you’ve never heard of this, it’s basically a post, a video, etc. talking about things you’re NOT going to buy and you can give reasons why.

Following my promise that I would be on a no-buy, and the fact that makeup companies are literally throwing new products at us every single day, I decided I would share what I’m not interested in/what I won’t be picking up and why.

Hourglass Graphik Eyeshadow Palettes.

I was one of those who purchased their modernist eyeshadow palettes when they first released, and I was one of those who immediately decluttered it after having it for a little amount of time. The shades swatched okay but weren’t the best and the fact that they had all the shadows right next to each other was really a recipe for disaster. Fast forward to these and I remember having had an unpleasant experience and I don’t want to go there again. Also, I’m sure I have every single shade in every one of these palettes at least twice over.

MAC Lunar New Year Collection.

If i’m being COMPLETELY honest with myself about this collection – its that none of it appeals to me. Not the lipstick shades or blush duo shades. The eyeshadow palette really calls to me but it may be too light for my skintone. The only reason why I would have wanted to pick up something from this collection would be the packaging. I used to collect the MAC LE packaging like my life depended on it. When I started to downsize my collection, those were some of the first things I began to regret purchasing. Obviously the packaging on some of these collections are STUNNING, but I began to feel that I wanted to buy things I was going to use, not pull out for a pretty instagram picture. Therefore, I rarely fall into the hype unless I know its something ill truly use.

Sephora Favorites Selfie Kit.

I will be the first one to tell you I’m a big fan of these sephora favorites kits/sets. I think they’re a great bang for your buck. However – the shade Opal really needs to go in these. By now, I think almost everyone has one of these. They come in every.single.kit imaginable and I probably have about 5 of these deluxe sized samples laying around (okay, I do not, because I decluttered and gave them to family, but I’ve probably accumulated many). I already have a sample of the stellar setting powder which I havent even bothered opening (someone tell me if its good!), I’m not interested in the blur stick or mascara, and I already own the Ashton liquid lipstick. If you own none of these things then it’ll be a great deal for you, but for those of us who love to buy these… well, we’ve probably got a few of these things laying around.

Morphe 25D Eyeshadow Palette.

Oh man…. these shades are just — no. Im usually a fan of all the morphe things I’ve picked up but seeing this palette have like 12 of the same shades but just one or two tones lighter/darker is a big no-no for me. Will I even see the difference when I blend them out? Probably not. No, thank you, Morphe.

Too Faced Glow Job Face Mask.

I think 2017 was the year that I really appreciated skincare, its benefits, and the miracles it can perform. I tried out many things and going into 2018 I have continued to try different products. Ill tell you what I’m not going to try though: this glitter-infused face mask. I really wouldn’t want glitter in any of my skincare products. I admit that I do wear glitter shadow, etc. but my goal at the end of the night is to take it off, not slather it on. And mornings are for clean fresh skin, not glitter-infused skin. This is just my opinion. It might be a phenomenal face mask its just not my cup of tea.

Too Faced Life is a Festival Collection.

I’m just not interested. Do I have to explain? lol

What are you anti-hauling? I would love to know what and why!! These are always so fun to watch on youtube because some people get so heated. My favorite anti hauls to watch are by Kimberly Clark and MakeupStruggles. Go give them a watch!

Thank you so much for reading!

Denise R.

*Images obtained via Trendmood, BeautyBudgetCollection, and Hourglass Cosmetics Instagram pages.

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