A Week in Makeup – Week 2 of January 2018!

This week’s palette choices were a little more exciting for me and I’ll tell you why: I love all the palettes in my collection, but I REALLY love the palettes that were chosen for me. Last week’s were just okay (read my post on them here; shop my look here) but the palettes this week aren’t only good, they have sentimental value.

The first day of the week I decided to use my Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Gold 25. This was a gift from my then-boyfriend (now husband) for Christmas and I remember how exquisite the packaging/wrapping was since he ordered directly from Burberry. This palette houses both warm and cool tones but has no matte shades (all shimmer). I really enjoy using this palette but it tends to get lost in my collection because of 1) its size and 2) I continue to purchase palettes, which are my current weakness. I used my CT bronzer as a transition shade which ended up being the best thing since I am trying to use that up. I really love this palette.

I paired it with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Kit in Gradient (currently on sale at ULTA!) and oh my word… it was SO PIGMENTED. I didn’t think it would be since I had seen so-so reviews on this. Well, I ended up using concealer to conceal some of it because I looked like one of those dolls that’s got two circles of blush on the cheeks. I have to say that I did have to spend some time blending it out but I do blame myself on that because I wasn’t expecting to pick up so much powder. The weird -but nice- thing was that there wasn’t much kick back in the pan when I picked up a lot of the powder. Because I added each individual blush shade in my blush wheel, the shade Blackberry was the one I used this week. Overall I was happy with it and will continue to use it.

The second palette picked out for the week was my Colourpop Cosmetics Dream St. palette by KathleenLights. I have used this one before and fell in love with it. I honestly think its the best palette Colourpop has made, aside from their cult Yes, Please palette. I love the different color options: neutrals and pops of color. The first time I used this palette I did a warm toned/orange look. For work this week, I paired three of the neutral matte shades and I have to say that I really enjoyed the look. So much so that I repeated the look on Thursday and smoked it out for date night. If you haven’t tried any of the Colourpop pan palettes I would suggest either this one or the Yes, Please palettes. You can shop Colourpop here (not affiliated).

The second blush the app picked out was the Torrid liquid blush by NARS. I think this pairs really well with the Dream St. palette because they’re along the same color tones. I let the blush be the center of attention though since I paired it with a very natural eye. I think these blushes are great I just wish they would sell mini versions because even half a pump can be excessive. I found myself throwing away most of the half-pump I pumped out because it is super pigmented. That would be my only gripe with these. I feel that this is more of a summer time shade and I look forward to pairing it with my tan skin once it gets warmer!

The third and final palette picked out this week was the Dose of Colors Marvelous Mauves palette. I can’t say enough good things about these little 5-pan palettes by the brand. They are super buttery, have some fallout but it isn’t terrible… they blend like a dream and they are super pigmented. I seriously enjoy using these palettes so much. If I lost all my makeup (or it was stolen or something) these would probably be some that I would purchase straight away.

The third and final blush I paired with it was MAC’s Harmony blush. This one is very neutral but on me it comes out somewhat rosy. Trust me I have tried to find the brownest blush and it’ll still show up with a bit of pink on my skin. I really like this one though. It pairs well with any look I’ve gone for, whether it be a smokey eye, natural eye, dark lip, red lip, nude lip, etc. It just goes. This one and warm soul are two of my very few MAC blushes and I would recommend both if you were on the market for them.

Do you own any of these items? What do you think of them? You can shop my entire look for the week here. You can also take a look at my makeup picks for the first week of January here! I am so excited to share my final thoughts at the end of the month! I am seriously considering decluttering one item which you might know about… but I’ll keep you posted!

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time…

Denise R.

*Some of the links provided above are affiliate links (shopstyle). Thank you for supporting this blog!

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