Current Drugstore Favorites!

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t photograph much drugstore products on my Instagram. I don’t really own too many drugstore items anymore. Once upon a time I would go absolutely crazy at the drugstore. My justification would be that the prices were cheaper so I could get more…

And more I got. And more and more. Either way I stopped doing that. Now I have a few but I really, really love these few. I have mentioned some before but I thought I would dedicate a blog post to my drugstore favorites: items I have and love in my collection.

There are two foundations from the drugstore I’ve enjoyed this past year: the Covergirl Healthy Elixir Foundation and the Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation. I feel that both are the type of foundations that just get better as the day progresses. The Covergirl is marketed as a foundation that provides radiance, but it was satin finish on me: not matte, not radiant. It wears beautifully and can provide full coverage with two pumps if you use a beauty sponge. The PF foundation is marketed as a radiant formula and it really is! I do need to powder my nose a bit more but I really feel that I enjoy it enough that I don’t mind touching up midday. I have owned Covergirl’s foundation longer than the Physician’s Formula, but having used PF for a while now, I can confidently say that I truly enjoy using both and would recommend either foundation.

There are two different blushes from the drugstore that I have absolutely been loving: The City Color cosmetics Be Matte Blushes and the Burt’s Bees Blush. I have been using the City Color Cosmetics blushes for about over a year now. I found them shopping downtown in my city and they were a whopping $2.99 each! I brought two home with me and was so impressed with the wear and color selection I chose. The formula in this is a little stiffer than other blushes I own, but I do use a stiffer blush to apply them. The color stays on all day; I picked up a darker tone that I consistently use in the fall/winter and a lighter shade that can be used with any look. The Burt’s Bees blush was a new find sometime back in November. I absolutely love the color. The formula is a bit softer than the City Color blushes but I use a lighter hand to apply it. It is absolutely beautiful and I recommend it! I do want to pick up more colors after my no-buy.

There are several lip products I’ve been enjoying from the drugstore, ranging from regular lipstick to liquid lipsticks. The first one I feel that I should shed some light on is my Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Bare Affair. This one, I believe, was LE for a while but it has since been available on websites like Ulta (linked above). This has to be the most gorgeous nude lipstick that I own from the drugstore. I used to buy every nude shade of every drugstore lipstick brand that was released a couple of years ago and was never really happy with them. This one, though, is superior. At least for me. It flatters my skin tone as its a darker nude and it applies nicely, doesn’t tug at the skin and if paired with a lipliner, can last hours.

The second type of lipstick I’ve been enjoying are the Loreal Infallible Lip Paints/Matte in the shades Festival and Cinna-bomb and their Infallible Paints/Lips Metallic in the shade Smoldering Satin and Liquid Venom. These are one of the two types of formulas that don’t get that nasty ring around the lips deal. I had picked up more colors but decluttered some that needed help looking nice on me (the very light shades) I actually filmed a haul of these on my youtube channel, which you can watch here. I love wearing Cinna-bomb with Smoldering Satin over it on days I want to wear a vampy lip color. I wore it paired with my Natasha Denona Lila palette and it looked beautiful! These are a good liquid lip I would recommend from the drugstore.

Another liquid lip I have been enjoying are the Physicians Formula The Healthy Lip Liquid lipsticks. I initially bought two shades: Nut-ritious and Berry Healthy. I was really impressed with the formula. They wear very well, don’t develop the ring around the lips, but can be drying. I would recommend prepping your lips with balm and/or lip scrub before hand. These last ALL DAY. I enjoyed them so much I picked up a third shade right before my no-buy. I recommend them if you are looking for a budget-friendly liquid lipstick that will last all day and won’t need much reapplication.

There are two different brands with eyeshadow palettes I’ve been loving and using more than I’ve actually photographed. The first have been the Milani Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes in Must Have Metallics and Basic Mattes. Now, I can only speak for the two palettes I own, but they feel like some high end formulas. The shadows are very soft and swatch nicely. They blend easily and look super nice on the eyes. I would recommend both if you’re on the market for metallic and matte shadows. They go well together and can compliment other palettes you own.

The second palette I absolutely love and if you’re coming from my Instagram are probably tired of hearing is: My Colourpop Dream St. palette. I think Kathleen Lights outdid herself with this palette. It is extremely gorgeous. Every single shade is buttery smooth, applies beautifully, etc. I have used this one a handful of times and can easily say it is my current favorite palette -and- my favorite drugstore palette of ALL TIME. Yes, I went there. I completely and 100% recommend it!

There are just 3 more items I’ve been loving: two real techniques sponges: First, I wasn’t always a fan of the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, but I have since learned to love it. At first, I thought it was too dense; the beauty blender, I’ll admit, is softer. However, I have come to love it because it covers more ground since its bigger. I also noticed that the longer you use it, the softer it gets which is great. I now prefer that its a little denser because I feel like it doesn’t soak up my foundation as much. That may just be in my mind, but I do feel I don’t lose as much foundation. I received a pack of them last Christmas and have just used my second one since I lost the first one.

The second sponge I’ve been loving have been the Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges. Now, I don’t use it to just wipe away mascara, etc. I actually use it to blend out the concealer I apply underneath my eyes and it works perfectly! I received a mini beauty blender in my Sephora Play box and that thing was just a joke. It was so small, even when I put it under water. This RT does a great job at blending out the concealer under my eyes, around my nose, and on my chin. I would recommend it if you feel that a normal sponge is too big to get into smaller areas. I know it isn’t marketed that way but I’ve used it for this purpose for months without issue!

Last, but not least. This is an item I finished this month and since I’m on a no-buy, I cant repurchase it. Wet n Wild’s PhotoFocus Setting Spray looks, smells, and feels just like Urban Decay’s all nighter setting spray. It is just as good and I liked it enough to completely use it up. I will be repurchasing once I’m done using some that I have. If you’re on the market for a setting spray, I would recommend this one! It is budget-friendly and it does exactly what the more expensive ones do.

If you’ve read up to here, you’re the real MVP! I felt like making this post because I don’t usually photograph just drugstore items, I will mix them in with my high end items and sometimes the focus is on those and people hardly notice that these are in the mix. I want to know: what have been your drugstore favorites recently? Please let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!

Denise R.

*Links provided are affiliate links.

One thought on “Current Drugstore Favorites!

  1. I am dying to try the PF foundation but I told myself I’m only allowed to repurchase products. I really want to use up what I have. The shades you have of the Healthy Lip look soo pretty!!


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