Updated Makeup Wishlist!

Now that most of the month has passed me by and what seems like 100+ more beauty products have been released, I’ve completely vamped up my Makeup Wishlist! (You can see my initial wishlist here). There are items on here I KNOW I’m picking up in a few days time, and others I’m still wanting but quite unsure of. Let’s start with my must-haves:

Natasha Denona Diamond & Blush Palettes.

Yes. In the plural. I have had a lot of time to look at the tutorials Natasha has posted on her IG and her stories, pictures that my fellow beauty grammers have posted, and some blog posts and YouTube videos and I just cannot decide which I want so I’m picking up both. They look absolutely stunning! I wasn’t surprised they went out of stock at beautylish, but I’m heading to sephora to get mine. I’m really excited about these!

Natasha Denona Chroma Crystal Topcoats.

Yep. In the plural, again. If you’ve been following my blog and/or Instagram for a few months, you’ll know that I instantly fell in love with the first initial top coat releases. It should be no surprise that I’m lusting for these new 3. I think they’re amazing and I cannot wait to scoop them up! Glittery eyelids are my new jam!

Colourpop Give It To Me Straight and In Nude Endo Highlight Palette.

I know I have these shadows/colors in my collection but I really want both of these palettes. If this palette is up to par with yes please, and Dream st, I’ll be happy. If it isn’t, I’ll hold off with Colourpop releases. As for the highlight, I would like to try them out since I don’t own any powder highlights from them. I know their first highlight palette was very popular but I never picked it up.

On to the items I’m still contemplating:

Violet Voss Matte About You.

I’m still wanting this palette badly! I just cannot find enough reviews/photos of this to be certain that it’s a good palette. If I judge it based on other VV shadows I own, then it is a no brainer, but this one doesn’t seem to have as much hype. I’m also contemplating because I just picked up the rust stack and it’s amazing! However, this palette offers additional matte shades the rust stack doesn’t have.

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon.

I’m still contemplating this because I have so many lip products already! I actually decluttered a few over the weekend so I feel guilty buying another. The shade is nice. I’ll continue to think about it but it’s not something I’m purchasing right when my no buy is over!

On items I’m holding off on:

Smashbox Poreless Primer.

I’m now unsure of this item since it seems that no matter what Primer I use, my MAC x Patrickstarrr powder does a fantastic job of filling in my pores and making them look almost nonexistent. I may hold off on picking this primer up since it’s going to warm up here in Texas and I do not own a mattifying primer at the moment. That is something I WILL need in the coming months so if you have a recommendation for a good matte primer please let me know!

Im really excited for the end of my no-buy! I will have a blog post coming up on how my no-buy went, some tips on what I learned about it, and how shopping my stash turned out! You can shop my wishlist here!

Thank you for reading! Until next time..


*Pictures obtained via trendmood Instagram

*Some links are affiliate links

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