No-Buy: How It Went & My Thoughts.

I cannot believe the month of January is finally over. It was long and not just because I had to resist purchasing makeup. But let’s get into that.

How It Went:

It actually went great. I really thought I was going to break at times but I was able to close my tabs, close my apps, put things back when I was shopping in-store, etc. I did make a Sephora purchase on the 27th of January but it consisted of two packs of Rose makeup wipes and I also redeemed a 100-point perk: Urban Decay’s lipstick in Backtalk, which backfired since it is not my color (too cool toned). I’ve never tried to exchange a 100-point perk so it will have to be decluttered. Darn!

What I Learned:

No-buys are hard. Plain and simple. I had many of my Insta friends keeping tabs on me and making sure I stuck to my word which I was extremely thankful for! However, for someone who loves makeup, it was hard watching all my friends buying and getting new goodies and I having to turn away. lol I think you have to be VERY committed to something like this because you can catch yourself with a lipstick in your hand at Walgreens when you stop to buy a zero calorie flavored water and then realize you’re on a no-buy and have to put it right back. Guilty.

Shopping your stash can actually be fun.  I know this has been reiterated by so many of us in the beauty community but its true: we get so wound up in the shiny, new things that we collect and neglect some of our old favorites. I used some things this January that I hadn’t used in MONTHS. I was really happy that shopping my stash allowed me to discover some old favorites and helped me realize that some things just weren’t for me anymore. I wanted to break this post down to include favorites, unfavorites and what I am decluttering, however I will leave this for another blogpost.

I also learned that I would probably fare better doing a low buy. I think that limiting myself to buying a few products a month would be better than completely depriving myself. There were times I was actually okay and didn’t even think of the products coming out, then there were times I was really bitter about the fact I couldn’t purchase some stuff (like the Natasha Denona spring collection). I think that maybe holding off the first few weeks to see everything these companies release would be better so that I can make a list, update the list, etc. like I did so I don’t go overboard.

Final Thoughts.

No-buys can be done, but they have to be something you really want to do, not just because. This is hard for me to explain but ill try. There was a point in December when I felt disgusted by how many products I’d accumulated over the holiday sales, etc. I had nowhere to fit my stuff and I wanted to cry. That’s when I decided that I needed this break to really take a look at my collection and use my makeup to make sure I was still happy with it, etc. I think you have to be at a point like that for it to work. I have tried before but I wasn’t this determined to keep it so I often broke it. This time I was successful because I actually felt that I just couldn’t buy anything else without feeling really bad about it.

I just have one more thought: I think that if I had stayed off Instagram for a while, my no-buy would have probably been 10 times easier for me. I think we can also get caught up in all the newness our friends and people we follow are buying that we feel that we want those items, too. There was a period in 2016 that I didn’t post as much and I hadn’t really bought any items until the holidays came around. The only downfall of this would be that I would lose followers, engagement, and with how crappy Instagram has been lately that could really hurt someone trying to grow their page. It’s really tough to do this nowadays, but it did help me at one point.

Well, this is all that I have for now. Be on the lookout for some upcoming blogposts in my No-Buy series. I may re-name all my No-Buy-related posts this way so that if youre interested in reading from the beginning, you can find them easier.

Have you been on a no-buy or low-buy? How did it go? I know there are several people I follow participating in no-buys and would love to have your feedback and thoughts on how its going, etc.

Thank you for reading! Until next time…

Denise R.

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