Review: Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette

The Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat was a total surprise when they announced it via Instagram! I mean, its easy to assume they would eventually come out with one since they did have basics palettes for both of their Naked and Naked 2 palettes. I was really excited to see the promo pics since I am one who is still very much into warm tones because they flatter me best. The Petite Heat palette looked so exciting in the promo pics and when I received it I couldn’t wait to take photos and review it!As per Urban Decay:

Inspired by the Urban Decay Naked Heat, this petite palette holds an all-new lineup of scorched neutrals. Use these six shades alone or as a starting point for any look. With 5 matte shades for lid, crease and liner, plus one demo-matte highlighting shade, it has everything you need to create a range of Naked looks, from sultry to smoked out.

Before I comment on the shades, etc. I do have to comment on the packaging. The original Naked Basics palettes were very plain compared to this. The outside of the palette is filled with the warm tones housed inside and feature roses all along the bottom of the palette, which is really beautiful and probably their nicest packaging to date! Even the box it comes in is nice. Now on to the colors, application, etc:

I really like that Urban Decay includes one “demi-matte” shade in their matte palettes. I think it works great for an inner corner or brow bone highlight, especially if you decide travel with and/or use this palette alone. I used this palette alone the first couple of times I wore it so that I could get a feel of how the shadows performed on their own.

The shadows felt very smooth and creamy when touched with fingers to provide swatches. They had some small kick back, however I do think this was due to my pressing down very firmly in order to get nice, even color to swatch.

Upon application, I used two different crease brushes: MAC 217 and Morphe M440, my two go-to crease brushes. They picked up the colors easily without too much kick back and were able to apply the colors where I desired without issue. I also used a MAC 239 brush to apply the shades Vibrate and Hot Spell on my lids on two different eye looks. They were easy to apply as well.

If you have read some of my eyeshadow palette reviews before, you will know that I use my NARS eye primer for any and every look due to the fact that I have oily eyelids and no eyeshadows would be reviewed fairly this way. The shadows did not disappoint – they lasted my entire 10-hour workday without fading.

I am really happy that this palette houses shades that range from light to dark and can complete an eye look completely on its own without really needing to use anything else unless you want to pair it with shimmer shadows.

This makes a great companion not only to their Naked Heat palette, but to all of my warm-toned palettes and my bronze/golden shimmer single shadows. The colors are along the same color range as the ones housed in their Naked Heat palette and I wanted to do a quick comparison between both of these palettes.

I do want to first point out that the darker shades are quite similar to one another. The undertones of some of the shadows are quite different, though. When swatching with my fingers I immediately noticed that the shadows in the petite Heat palette were so much more smooth than the shades in the Naked Heat. By comparison, the Naked Heat Mattes felt a lot drier and patchy when swatched.

For reference, I have swatched them by using “Heat” for the original Naked Heat and “petite” for the petite Heat. Some of the colors such as Heat’s En Fuego and Petite’s Heist were very similar except for the feel and swatch. I do think that two shades are almost exact dupes of each other. They are Heat Chaser / Petite Vibrate and Heat Quince / Petite Inhale.

This may be a turn off if you’ve already got the large palette, but I do have to remind you that the petite colors were smoother and applied better. I just felt a comparison was a must especially if you’re wondering whether or not to pick it up.

Now that I have had time to test this palette on its own, I am excited to incorporate some shimmer shades with it. Aside from using the colors in my Naked Heat palette, I am going to use this palette with my Bobbi Brown luxe eyeshadows and my new Tarte Chrome Paint pot eyeshadows.

This palette launches on the Urban Decay website on February 22! Will you be picking it up? I would recommend it if you are still into warm tones and are looking for an all matte warm toned palette that you can toss into your makeup bag!

You can shop the Petite Heat Palette on the Urban Decay website when it launches!

Thank you so much for reading!


*This product was sent to me by Urban Decay to review. All opinions are my own.

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