Review: Milani Most Loved Mattes Eyeshadow Palette

I’m back again to review the second release of Milani eyeshadow palettes – the Most Loved Mattes palette. A while back, Milani released two beautiful eyeshadow palettes for $20 but I withheld due to not being able to swatch them myself before purchasing. When I came across them at Wal-Mart for $15 each, I decided to buy them both.

I loved the Bold Obsessions palette and have already reviewed it HERE. I am now excited to share my thoughts on the Most Loved Mattes palettes!

As per Milani:

“This compact features 12 full color matte eyeshadows that deliver maximum pigment payoff. From neutrals to alluring, deep hues, this expertly curated makeup essential includes 3 duos + 3 trios + 3 quads for a variety of fun and flirty, on-trend looks.”

I want to first comment on the packaging of the palette. Its a compact plastic package that has a mirror in it. It is sturdy and I have thrown it into my makeup bag time and again without worrying about its state. I loved the fact that it resembles some of my higher end palettes yet I paid a fraction of the price. The outer packaging is susceptible to fingerprints but I really don’t mind that.

In regards to the statement Milani has made about this palette, I have to say that these shadows have great pigmentation – maximum pigment? Hmm. I guess it depends on your version of what maximum pigment is.

All of the shades swatched okay. Some had to be swatched 2 times in order to get it to show up on my arm, however, I wasn’t too worried about it since this doesn’t really reflect on performance.

I also want to point out that some of the shades felt drier while others felt soft, hence the need for a couple of the shades to be swatched over twice.

The shades applied beautifully over a Nars primer and I had no problems with the blending and adding of colors on top of each other to create an eye look. I really enjoy the fact that they can be used as quads when paired together vertically, which makes it easy for beginners and people who need to create quick looks for on the go.

The shadows lasted well for 10 hours, however I do have to use a NARS primer due to my oily eyelids — I feel that no shadow would be reviewed fairly since I already know fading will occur because I’m so oily. If you don’t have this problem then I don’t think you need to worry about adding a primer- however adding one does make the colors more vibrant. Its what I have seen for most eyeshadows, anyway.

I really don’t have any cons about the palette other than the fact that it can produce some kick up, however it wasn’t much of a nuisance as I have become used to the better shadows having some kick up. I want to remind you that I had absolutely no issues packing and blending the shades; tapping your brush will work perfectly.

Will you be picking up the palette? It’s currently back in stock on the Milani website for a “limited time only” as per Milani’s instagram account.

Thank you so much for reading! until next time!


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