Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette.

I’m sure you’ve seen a million and one youtube videos, read many blog posts and seen a trillion Instagram pictures on the new and beautiful Anastasia Soft Glam palette. I am here to provide the 1,000,001 review on my new and absolute favorite palette!

When I saw pictures of this palette: I knew I had to have it. Yes, I own the Modern Renaissance so I had a handful of the shades in my makeup collection already. However, a person just knows when something is going to work for them, and for me, I knew this was something that would get a lot of use from me.

The palette comes with 9 matte shades and 5 shimmer/metallic shades. As per Anastasia’s website:

“Featuring fourteen essential shades, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eye Shadow Palette is the perfect collection of easy-to-blend, full pigment shadows. With a long lasting formula, this palette is complete with bronze metallics and iridescent finishes ideal for a nighttime look and neutral mattes for daytime.”

I wanted to first talk about the easy-to-blend and full pigment statement. I was skeptical about the palette after the subculture fiasco – however I loved the colors enough to take the chance to purchase it on launch day. And my sigh of relief was HUGE when I applied the matte shades and had absolutely no trouble blending. From the lightest matte to the black matte – I was able to blend out the colors with my Morphe M440 and MAC 219 brushes with ease.

As for pigment – if you have read a blogpost of mine you know that my eyelids are oily and will break up and crease any shadow if I don’t add some sort of primer to them, so I have begun to use my NARS eye primer at the moment. I know that this enhances pigment and helps the eyeshadow to last longer but I really have no choice. The colors did have a lot of pigmentation to them so you should feel at ease knowing you will get great color payoff for each shadow.

The only color that I felt was a little harder to pack on was the shade Glistening. It had good pigmentation upon watching and using a MAC 239 brush, however it wasn’t as vibrant as the rest of the metallic/shimmer shades. I would suggest to use some sort of primer or Fix+ or something along that line in order to get the maximum color payoff for this shade.

The shadows lasted on my eyelids all day for at least 10 hours (I work 9am-7pm so I am able to test them out for that length of time). I did not see any fading or creasing of the shadows and they were just as pigmented when I had gotten home from work than when I was leaving to work.

I wore this eyeshadow palette almost everyday for a week when it first arrived. To tell you that I was impressed and so in love with this palette is an understatement. What I really loved and impressed me so much were the matte shades over the metallics, to be honest. I found myself reaching for different color combinations of the matte shades for the first week. They were all looks I was happy with that I didn’t feel the need to add the metallic shades. I think the shade selection was perfect and I wouldn’t change a single shade in the matte range.

It took me a while to use the metallic shades since I was really into using the mattes – however I was able to use both of the shades Sultry and Rose Pink and they are hands down my favorite metallics/shimmers in the palette. They are absolutely beautiful on my medium skin tone and make for a beautiful everyday or smokey eye.

I really only have great things to say about it. I was so impressed with it that I added it into the next week of my makeup rotation because I really don’t want to stop using it. If you are skeptical because of the repeated shades – but you know you will use the shades – then I would recommend you checking it out. The blendability, pigmentation, and application of the palette were superb – its up to personal preference and whether or not you have a ton of dupes or just a few of these in your collection.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette is available for purchase here.

Thank you so much for reading! Have a great day!

Denise R.

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