Current Makeup Favorites!

I have spent the last two months shopping my stash weekly in order to get use out of my makeup collection – which is massive in my personal opinion. I skipped out on January favorites because I was adamant about using different things every single week. For the month of February, I allowed myself to spill products over into the next week without feeling too guilty about it.

Why? Well I really think that it has helped with my low-buy. I don’t find myself buying all of the makeup releases like I used to. When I really liked a product this month I allowed myself to continue to use it because 1.) I was super happy with it and 2.) if I’m using something I am completely happy with – then I won’t feel the need to buy things. Am I right?!

The first products – the face/base products I have been enjoying are my Clinique Moisture Surge Intense and my Too Faced Hangover RX primer. The Clinique was great this winter because its a thicker texture which really helped out when my skin reacted to the dry, cold weather. We are in the 80s the next two weeks so I will have to switch out to something else eventually. The Hangover primer is amazing! It took me a long time to fall into the hype but it really does help the longevity of makeup and it isn’t too radiant where you feel like you’re a disco ball.

The foundations I have enjoyed these past two months are the Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation. What a gem for a drugstore foundation! I actually like the applicator (which some might think is gross) because its easy to apply the foundation where you want, i.e. heavier in some places lighter in others. The foundation makes your skin look beautiful and gives you a beautiful lit from within look. The Bare Minerals BarePro foundation is on the pricer side and the only matte in my favorites. It makes your face look absolutely flawless if you use two pumps with a beauty sponge. I think you can achieve a full coverage look with just one pump using a brush. It hides all of the imperfections and makes you look beautiful. I am absolutely in love and have a summer shade ready.

The NARS Radiant Longer Foundation is the second radiant foundation I’ve been loving. It does make me more oily than the PF throughout the day but I don’t mind applying powder to touch up because it really does make your face look radiant. Its a beautiful foundation but if you’re oily/combo you will need to touch up.

I have been using 3 different concealers that I’ve been enjoying. The first two are the NARS Soft Matte Complete concealer mixed together with the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer. I like mixing them together because one shade is currently darker than the other so mixing them creates my perfect color. The third concealer I bought for 50% off is the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer. Its what I’ve been using the month of February and I really enjoy the coverage of it. It doesn’t leave me dry under my eyes and I love applying it with a sponge. They are all great concealers that I recommend!

My favorite bronzer, highlighter, and blushes have been consistently photographed on my instagram account, so you might have an idea what they are. Let’s begin with the bronzer: My Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow has been my go-to bronzer. I don’t contour so this provides a beautiful bronze look to the skin and helps me look put together. I cannot go without bronzer, ever. The highlight trio I’ve been completely smitten with is the Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne Beauty Beam* highlighter palette.

I stated before that I probably wouldn’t have picked it up due to having so many highlighters – but I regret saying it now because it is truly a beautiful palette. It is soft, easy to apply, and provides the most beautiful, pigmented glow to the face. You can basically apply it to full capacity or just a bit depending what you use. I used a sponge with it the other night and wow, it was blinding. I have stuck to a brush since then but know to reach for a sponge on a night out.

The blushes I have been enjoying are the Bare Minerals Gen Nude blushes. My favorite of the three I picked up is the shade Let’s Go Nude (left). When I swatched it on my hand I literally saw nothing. Probably because of my skin tone but I took a chance on it anyway and oh man it looks beautiful on the skin. I’ve also been reaching for That Peach Tho which is, obviously, a peachy tone that looks just as great as the nude. The third shade I picked up was Pink Me Up, a beautiful matte pink shade that I have yet to reach for (that’s changing this week). I think they compare to MAC blushes but are softer and easy to apply. I prefer the Bare Minerals currently and highly recommend them.

There are two eyeshadow palettes I have completely enjoyed, particularly the month of February, since they are fairly new to my collection. The first palette Ive really enjoyed is the Urban Decay Daydream* eyeshadow palette. Aside from the super cute packaging, I really love the colors. They scream spring and are perfect everyday shades. I love the two tan transition shades and have worn them alone for a quick eye look for work. I did notice some fading at the end of my 10 hour workday but I have no complaints about it and continue to use it.

The second palette that is new but I know I am completely in love with is the Anastasia Soft Glam palette. If there was a palette where I could customize the perfect matte shades – this would be it. I love every single matte shade in here. The metallics are great; I really enjoy Rose Pink and Sultry best. I have been reaching for this palette consistently and have allowed myself to bring it over to the next week’s makeup stash. It is absolutely gorgeous and I recommend it!

For lips: I am declaring MAC Stripdown my ride or die lipliner. I mention it in almost every makeup of the day post, love to use it to tone down lipsticks, to enhance them, and recently I have been slightly overdrawing my lips with it. It is close to my lip color and doesn’t look outrageous which is awesome! I really love this lipliner and have gone through several now. The lipsticks I’ve been enjoying these past two months have been the NARS Lip Cover in Summer Fire, a beautiful muted pink shade that was released for Spring. I initially wanted a second shade but haven’t made the purchase yet. I have also been enjoying the Hourglass lipstick in I Lust For, a peachy shade that is absolutely beautiful paired over Stripdown. Both lipsticks aren’t completely matte but have found that they have good staying power.

These have been my current makeup favorites! I know it is a lot of products, however these have been consistent in my weekly makeup stash since the beginning of the year. What products have you been using consistently that you enjoy? Do we share any makeup favorites? Please let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!


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*products marked with an “*” were sent to me via PR.

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