Makeup Declutter: Eyeshadow Palettes and Face Products.

I hadn’t cleared out my makeup in quite a while, so after purchasing some new releases this weekend I felt it was time to part with some things I no longer used. I’m not one who likes to keep things I don’t use, particularly because it takes up space for new makeup to fit into and because I don’t like for it to waste away knowing I won’t be using it since it’ll be sat in my makeup drawers untouched.

The Palettes.

There are several eyeshadow palettes ill be getting rid of: the Shop Hush / Bad Habit Beauty palette in Royals is the first one I decided to clear from my makeup collection. I was sent 6 of their palettes to review and this is the one I chose to part with  – mainly because I adore the palette its trying to replicate: The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. I have this palette and love it – and quite frankly, it is a good dupe but it wasn’t better than my ABH palette. I have nieces in college who I know would appreciate this palette more than I do.

The second palette is the Estee Lauder Gritty & Glow palette. I think the shadow formula is absolutely fabulous but it tends to get lost in my collection because I choose to wear old favorites and new makeup purchases. It is a good palette but I have dupes of all the shades in my collection.

The Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette was one I bought because of all the hype. Although its affordable, I regretted it after using it in one of my weekly makeup picks. I have all of these colors somewhere in my makeup collection and know I will choose to wear those palettes over this one, so I decided to pass it along as well.

Jouer’s Essential Matte & Shimmer eyeshadow palette was just okay. I really didn’t like the warmer tones in the palette which is a shocker since I tend to prefer these shades over any other. I liked the cool tones in this palette but I just didn’t think it was sensible to keep a palette that I really only liked half the shades of. It was one of the first palettes I used in my shop my stash which started in January and I’ve had no interest in using it again. I know its time to let it go.

The small Tarteist Pro to Go palette is actually a nice little palette- however, there was a time a while back when I compared it to two other small palettes that I own: The Tarte Flirt palette and Colourpop’s Take Me Home palette. After comparing all 3 I noticed this palette to be more cool toned than the others which may be why I never really preferred it but wasn’t something I really thought about. I decided to keep the other two and let go of this one. This was completely color preference and not because I didn’t like it.

I picked up the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream Contour Kit when it was on sale for 50% off sometime back at the end of 2017. I wore it once and then put it back in my drawer and never touched it again. while I think its a nice product, I know that I won’t be reaching for it like I should, so I decided to part with it. It had so-so reviews on Sephora’s website – some saying that it just wasn’t a good formula. My sister loves this contour kit and I remember when she came to visit she’d hit pan on several shades so I know she will love that I can give her an almost-new contour kit.

The Kevyn Auction Neo highlight palette in the shade Ibiza was sent to me to review and while it was nice… the color just didn’t suit my skin tone. It is very white cast on me and looked like I dusted some sugar on my cheekbones. I made it work a handful of times by mixing It with other highlighter shades but I prefer the highlights in the trios: siena and capri. I have family members with a much lighter complexion than mine that will look nice on them over my skin tone.

Lastly, I decided to declutter all 3 of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector pens that were released a year or two ago and had gone on sale. I quickly bought all 3 thinking they were brilliant – I could take them on the go… well fast forward to a year later and they till sit untouched in my makeup collection. I have taken quite a few vacations since purchasing them and were never a thought of taking with me.. which doesn’t make sense since they could probably be great for travel. I remember trying them in the inner corner of my eyes and really not being a fan of them. I have way too many highlighters and these were taking up some space so I decided to get rid of them.

I feel that this probably didn’t even make a dent in my makeup collection but I am glad to clear this out and free up some space… with my new buys. lol. When’s the last time you did a declutter? Do you do them often? I feel that I may need to do another one soon. I wanted to add lips on this post but its way too long to continue writing about them, so I will leave them for a future post. While I was decluttering there were a few products I decided to give a second chance to and I want to make a blogpost about that as well! What do you think?! Let me know!

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time…


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