Makeup Declutter Part 2: Lip Products.

I’m continuing my makeup declutter series, this post focusing on lip products (my other makeup declutter blogpost can be read here). Oh man, I would be lying if I said that at one point in my life: lip products were my absolute obsession. So much so that I had to have every nude shade of every makeup release and if it was drugstore I would allow myself to buy multiple shades of the collections.

Fast foward to now and I find myself so much more composed and with a better head on my shoulders. I might get a little crazy here and there (like for example, my new L’oreal color riche shine lipsticks, which I reviewed here), but for the most part, I have picked up one shade (sometimes 2) of new lip product releases. That being said, a lot of my declutter has come from lipsticks I’ve accumulated over the past two years or so, and not really any of the lipsticks I’ve picked up in the last year.

I have severely downsized my collection but still find lipsticks here and there that I don’t use anymore or just don’t like anymore, so I decided to let them go. Without further ado, here are some shades I’m getting rid of:

I picked up a full-sized metallic liquid lip/gloss hybrid from Smashbox in the shade Mauve Squad and I’m not really sure why I did that. I promise that every single time I tried to wear it, I would just take it off and apply whatever lipstick I had underneath on its own. I received one as a gift with purchase in a beautiful red shade but again, I just didn’t find myself liking the metallic look on my lips, so I never wore them.

I am currently feeling overwhelmed with glosses. So, I decided to declutter these holiday MAC glosses – which I tried to Back to MAC but wasn’t allowed to. The colors just weren’t my favorite, so I decided to let them go. I do have and like some other MAC glosses so I decided to keep some others over these.

If you’ve been my Instagram friend for a while, you’ll know that I love the NARS lip pencils. However, for some odd reason I found that the colored satin lip pencils were traveling outside of my lip lines and I am NOT a fan of that. I tested them out a few times before deciding to part with them. It may be that they are somewhat old and thats why they are acting that way or my lips just aren’t liking satin/wet lip products anymore because I don’t remember having this issue previously. I decided to declutter Luxembourg (which is a gorgeous shade) and Yu.

The last lip colors I decluttered solely for the color were the Laura Mercier Lip Parfaits.  purchased four and kept two because I really enjoy them. The two I am getting rid of are Creamsicle, which I never should have bought and Raspberry Ripple. The LM SA insisted that Creamsicle was a beautiful shade on me, “itll look great on your tan skin!” and I believed her, however every time I tried to wear it I just felt it was too bright for me, even using my trusty Stripdown liner to tone it down. Raspberry Ripple was just a color that I didn’t really like. I’m not sure I like these dusty rose shades on me so I have stayed away from them for quite some time now. The formula is really nice and moisturizing, I was just naive thinking that colors I’m not comfortable with might suit me.

These were some products I decided to part with for the time being. It’s actually pretty funny because as I was doing this my husband sat down and started to count all of my lipsticks and he was astonished at how many I have. I’m surprised he didn’t start an excel spreadsheet since he loves working with numbers. He’s around my makeup collection all the time but I guess this was the first time he paid attention to it. Its a good thing I had a bag of makeup I was getting rid of otherwise he may have fainted! lol

What lip products have you decluttered recently? I need to begin adding lip products to my shop my stashes because I have so many beautiful shades that I don’t use. I think I want to do a lip product collection type video for my youtube channel. Would you be interested? Also, after this blog post I will have another titled “Makeup Products I Gave a Second Chance To” or something like that. There were other products I considered decluttering but am giving a second chance to, to see whether I should keep them or just part with them.

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time…


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