Review: Urban Decay Backtalk Palette

The Backtalk Eye & Face Palette by Urban Decay ($46 US) was something I knew I wanted to get my hands on as soon as I saw the promo pictures on trendmood’s Instagram page. I have been having MAJOR regrets of decluttering my Naked 3 palette a couple of months ago, so when I saw this, I knew I was going to snag it.

When it arrived at my doorstep I squealed with excitement! I was generously sent the palette by Urban Decay and I couldn’t wait to photograph it in order to begin to properly test it so that I could provide a thorough review on it.

As per Urban Decay:

“Backtalk Palette takes no prisoners—much like your attitude—and fits 12 gorgeous pigments into one sleek palette. A double-sided, removable mirror acts as a divider between the Eyeshadow shades and the blush and highlighter shades. Our shadows are just as advanced as the packaging: Every shade features our proprietary Pigment Infusion System™ for velvety pigments that blend easily, stay rich and last for hours. Now, go get ’em!”

I want to comment on the packaging first. The removable mirror is definitely not my favorite. I would have preferred the palette A) without the mirror or B) with the eyeshadow and blush shades on the Same side and a mirror on the other.

When I was navigating between using the blush and eyeshadow shades, I found the mirror to disconnect from its place and I had to keep putting it back in. I’m not sure if I was the only one with this issue but I didn’t like it. Also, taking the mirror out isn’t an easy solution because it magnetized to the blush and eyeshadow, so closing it without the mirror won’t work. But my dislike of the removable mirror is just my personal opinion, you may find it useful.

The Eyeshadows:

I found the palette pretty easy to swatch on my arm. I did circle my fingers 2-3 times before finally swatching the shades but seeing others’ swatches were definitely not opaque at all. Mine weren’t full opacity but they weren’t bad either. Applying them on the eyes was no problem, either. I actually applied them on the eyes before swatching them on my arm so I got a feel of application before anything else. They were pretty easy to use and blend out. 180, the darkest shade, was a little harder to blend than others, but it didn’t take a lot for me to get my desired effect.

All of the colors stayed put for 8 hours without fading or creasing. I’ve stated before but I feel that I should state this in every review: I use my NARS eyeshadow primer due to my severely oily eyelids. So, my reviews might be a little biased since I really can’t test them fairly without some sort of primer, but without them almost all eyeshadows will fade and crease. I have to say that if there were any that were less pigmented than the others it would be the two light shimmer shades: Bare and Curve. However I used a MAC 217 brush to apply them and didn’t have trouble.

The Blushes/Highlighters:

The first set of blush/highlight combination that I wore was Double Take – a beautiful matte, muted rose and Low Key, a pinky/gold shift highlighter. The blush applied fairly well and had nice pigmentation when swatching it on my arm. I used a Target brand blush brush to apply it and I had no problems with it. No fading at the end of the night, either, however I did touch it up once when transitioning from a day to night look.

The Low Key highlight was actually really disappointing which is a bummer since it was my favorite of the two highlight shades. It took several swipes to get it to show up on my skin and it made me look like I had texture on my cheek bones – which I do not. The color is absolutely gorgeous but the formula was definitely lackluster. I think they did a superb job with their previous highlighter release, the Kristen Leanne Beauty Beam highlight palette. I had to use my fingers in addition to my highlight brush in order for my cheekbones not to look like they had texture. Am I making sense? I was disappointed in it.

Here is a short video of me wearing look #1:

The second set of blush/highlight combo I used were the blush in Cheap Shot and the highlighter in Party Foul. I thought this blush was nice as well. This blush has some shimmer and I used the same blush brush to apply it. It also wore well and it was very pigmented. I had to use my bronzer brush to tone it down a bit because I wasn’t anticipating it to pick up a lot of the powder.

Here is a short video of me wearing look #2:

The highlighter in Party Foul was definitely nicer than Low Key, but again, it was lacking what the beauty beam highlight palette had in terms of softness and application. This one had some kind of a gold shift to it which was nice, but again, not my favorite. The blush and highlight wore well throughout the day and I didn’t find myself needing to reapply them at all.

Overall, this palette is nice to have if you feel that you’re going to use all of the shades that it offers. The pigmentation of the highlighters were not great – but workable, the blushes were fine, and the shadows were nice. I would suggest you see this in person before buying it blindly.

Is the Backtalk palette something I would recommend you need to run out and get? No. I really don’t think so. If Urban Decay had not sent this to me – I would have purchased it anyway, because I decluttered my Naked 3 a few months back and was recently regretting doing that. And I do think this fulfills my wanting of Naked 3 . Plus, I prefer the color scheme in Backtalk versus N3. However, if you have similar shades that you’re already happy with in terms of pigmentation, application, etc. then this one might not bring anything new to the table.

I wish the highlight shades had been the same as those in the beauty beam palette and then I would feel that yes, 100% this palette would be worth it. This palette has been getting a ton of mixed reviews on instagram and Sephora’s website – so I would suggest you read others’ reviews. I will link my favorite beauty blog here: Temptalia, who reviewed the palette. I always look to her for reviews and trust her opinion 100%.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll talk to you soon!


2 thoughts on “Review: Urban Decay Backtalk Palette

  1. Despite the fact that I still have my Naked 3 I’m still in love with this one! I enjoy using both shadows and blush sides. Not a fan of the falling out mirror either, but whatever..
    As for the Low Key: it’s texture reminds me of “hustla baby” by Fenti beauty: finger swatches awfully, but applies without problems with a stiffer fan brush. I didn’t notice any issues with texture 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    1. Oh I have one of the highlights and one side does feel a little meh compared to the other. I really like this palette too, I enjoyed using it and want to do more looks with it!


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