Review: Sonia Kashuk Makeup Blender.

Hey y’all! I’m back with another review – but this time on a new Beauty sponge that I came across and remember seeing on Instagram. They had posted the size of it and while I thought “wow that looks big” I wasn’t anticipating it being THIS

Big! My real techniques sponge was seeing its last days and when I was in target I remembered this one being mentioned several times so I decided to pick one up. They have 2 options: one of these alone is $7 and a 2-pack is $10. They were completely sold out of the 2-pack so I settled for the single makeup blender.

Dry, this Sonia Kashuk Makeup Sponge is the same size as a dampened Real Techniques Sponge! When I switched from using the Beauty Blender to the Real Techniques sponge – I thought the RT was bigger. So knowing that the SK sponge is the same size as a fully dampened RT sponge let me know it was gonna be big.

And it wasn’t big – it was HUGE! It is the size of like 2 Beauty Blenders and maybe 1.5 RT sponges.

SK dampened sponge vs RT dampened sponge

Now I’ve heard different opinions on this sponge. Personally, I like to really soak up my sponges and this one felt soft when it was ready for use. I had read some thought this was too hard but personally I was comfortable with it.

I loved the flat side of the sponge. I think the size of it really helps you to cover a lot of your face with whatever liquid you may be using: foundations, bb creams, etc. I won’t lie – it did take me like 2 used to really get used to it but it’s now something I’m comfortable with and prefer.

Comparison of dampened sponges

The top of the sponge was also pretty easy for me to use. I was able to blend out my under-eye concealer without issue. It’s pretty easy to squeeze it between your fingers to get just the right size of the top of the sponge to blend. I did this with both the beauty blender and real techniques sponge so it wasn’t something new I had to do.

I also want to comment on the design. I had someone ask me if the dye in the sponge leaked and I haven’t had any leaks yet. I’ve rinsed it twice in the full week I’ve used it. However, I’m not sure this won’t happen every time. It’s something I’ll come back and update after several times of use.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with this makeup sponge. I will continue to use it until I need to switch it out for a new one. So far, I haven’t missed my previous sponges so that is a good thing. Sonia Kashuk does offer smaller sponge options with the same beautiful marble designs; I had no idea it would be this size, so I chose this one.

Have you tried this sponge? What do you think of it? Thank you so much for reading!


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