Sephora Spring VIB Sale Wishlist!

Can you believe we’re already at Sephora’s first of two VIB sales for the year?! It feels like just yesterday I was busy planning out my wishlist for their 2017 holiday sale. Anyway, with the sale starting next week, I thought I would share

Some of my “need-to-buy” makeup items as well as some that I really want but not sure I’ll end up getting. I’ll start with repurchases that need to be made:

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt.

I really loved this sample when I had it a few months ago. I’m laughing as I type this because the first time I used it I picked up a lot of the product (not knowing it would lather and become more) and I had so much I didn’t know what to do. I was able to find a decent amount to use after a while and really loved it. I used it twice weekly as a detox for my hair and I remember it leaving my hair very silky and bouncy.

IGK Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm.

I’m running low on this hair balm so I feel that now is the perfect time to get it since I’ll finish it way before another sale happens. First of all, this hair balm smells so, so amazing. When I went to the stock show and rodeo in March, I had a girl compliment my hair in the middle of a bunch of livestock animals. Crazy right?! I always apply it to my towel-dry hair and blow out. It gives my hair some volume but I really enjoy it for the scent.

Now these are items I’m highly considering during the sale – but I’m still not completely convinced on them. The first one is:

BECCA Hydra Mist Set & Refresh Powder.

Ive seen all of the positive reviews and what makes me excited is that some of the positive reviews come from people who have oily skin like I do! I’m a fan of becca powders – I have both of the soft light blurring powders: pink haze and golden hour and enjoy using them both interchangeably. I’ve heard about the cooling effect of this powder and have seen rave reviews on youtube as well, so this is at the top of my highly considering buying list!

Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP Subversive LA Vie En Rose Palette.

I initially purchased the Bronze Ambition palette during the release in March of all new palettes. When I bought it – it was my first time trying Pat McGrath eyeshadows and I was *so* impressed with it. I absolutely loved it and added it to my weekly makeup rotation quickly. I decided to purchase the other neutral palette – Platinum Bronze because I had seen reviews and makeup tutorials on it and really liked the looks of it. Now I really want this one. I’ve seen reviews and tutorials on this one too – but having visited my Sephora Loves list to write this blogpost I saw that this palette had quite a few not very good reviews. They basically say that there is a lot of fall out, not really blendable, etc. That makes me a little nervous considering the palette is pricey. I may still purchase and then return if I don’t like it. But I’m now on the fence.

Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick.

I have seen these on several blogs and youtube videos, mainly one of my favorites Allana Davison, said she absolutely loved and recommended them. I am wanting to pick up a bright summer shade to wear during the coming months but I feel that these are lipsticks ill have to see in person since I’m leaning towards a pink or orange shade. Have you tried these? What do you think about them?! Let me know!

These are the current items on my wishlist. I have scoured the “just arrived” section on Sephora and came up with nothing new to add to this list. What are you picking up? Do you own any of the products I am thinking of picking up? Tell me how you feel about them!

Thank you for reading!


*Links provided are affiliate links.

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