The Limited Edition Makeup Tag.

I saw this tag created by Angelica Nyqvist on YouTube and decided that it would be a great tag to do since there are some limited edition items I could never get rid of (for sentimental purposes) etc!

And then there are those obvious LE items that got away… but anyhow let me get started:

What is the LE product you are most happy you got your hands on?

  • Without a doubt, the LE product I am really happy I got my hands on was the Guerlain Meteorites Perles D’Etoile. These were released Fall 2014 and I was in New York City and bought them at Sephora Columbus Circle. These are sentimental to me for two reasons: 1) it was the first big trip my husband (then boyfriend) and I took together and I thought he would be proposing. He didn’t, but the week in NYC was magical nonetheless and 2) it was the only makeup item I bought for myself since I was still in graduate school and only saved enough money to spend on tickets, food, etc. for the trip. They are probably too old to use but still smell divine and every time I smell them/see them I remember that beautiful time we spent in the big Apple!

What is your least favorite LE products you picked up, the thing you could have been without?

  • I think, although I do enjoy having them in my collection, it would be some of the LE Dior quints I’ve picked up over time. For example, the sequins quints are some I remember being excited about picking up but have only used a handful of times. In all honesty, I could have done without them. In addition, one shadow in each quint popped out so they’re no longer travel-friendly for me.

What brand do you think does LE best?

  • This one is a little tough for me to answer because there isn’t one specific brand that I buy lots of LE things from. I have enjoyed many LE items that brands have put out.

And to flip things over, what brand do you think does LE worst?

  • I’m not really sure what brand does LE worst… I would assume brands whose LE collections differ in formulation, etc. It just sucks because some of these items could be amazing but they really cheat us in quality come holidays.

Name one thing (or more) you wish wasn’t LE?

  • I would say some of the KVD items that have been LE. There are several of her items that got away that I kicked myself for, for not getting them fast enough. For example, her Saint & Sinner palette (which I know got so-so reviews but I still wanted it)!

What is the thing that got away, the thing you missed and will forever regret not getting?

*image obtained via beautylookbook

  • Oh my goodness. Well, there are two items here I will forever regret not getting. Let’s start with a true LE item. That is the Chanel blush in the shade Accent. I was THIS CLOSE to buying it at the Macy’s counter one day but I stupidly talked myself out of it and it sold out… EVERYWHERE. Trust me, I called every damn department store in the USA and nope, it was gone.

*image obtained via aliciagracebeauty

  • The second item I will forever regret not getting is the Tom Ford quad in Cognac Sable. This wasn’t LE but I wasn’t aware that it would be discontinued, and by the time I noticed, I was too late. Every time someone posts their Cognac Sable quad I become just a wee-bit jealous that I don’t own that beauty.

What thing was LE but was made permanent later or made the most sense vs the least sense to you?

  • Hmm. This I would think would have to go to the Becca and JH collab for Champagne Pop. It sold out, it broke records.. it was cray cray. I think it made sense for them as a business to make this item permanent because JH is still very much relevant to the makeup community and although she isn’t the face of this item anymore, those new to the beauty community will learn about it and will be able to pick it up. In other words, they still probably profit from this collaboration.

What thing that is permanent do you think would have been better off LE?

  • I really don’t know… this question is tricky because I am definitely PRO BRING BACK ALL THE MAKEUP SO THOSE THAT MISSED OUT CAN GET IT. I know that pisses some people off but it really doesn’t bother me when brands bring back LE items.

What is the best collaboration LE thing released so far according to you?

  • Some of my favorite collabs so far have been the ABH x Mario palette (I didn’t pick up his KKW collab because I honestly prefer the colors in his ABH palette. Some favorite LE items are definitely the holiday Hourglass Edits and Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Palette and Instant Looks in a Palette. These are probably not in the majority when thinking of best collabs but they have been some of my most used LE items so it makes sense for me to mention them here.

What LE (or collaborate LE) item would you like to see released?

*image obtained via Instagram

  • I would love for one of my favorite you tubers, Allana Davison, to collaborate with really just any brand in general and release some lipstick and blush/eyeshadow shades. I am such a huge fan of her low-key wearable makeup looks. Seriously, if you haven’t checked her out, you must. I think I would definitely be excited for that release.

*Image obtained via trendmood1

  • In terms of celebrity, well it would obviously be J.Lo but that is happening! I’m excited to see what she has released but I’m also like OMGAHH at the fact that there are about 70 items releasing.

This was such a fun tag to do! I hope to be able to do a video on this. If I do, I will post the link to my youtube channel here.

Thank you so much for reading!


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