Review: Pat McGrath MTHRSHP Sublime Palette – Bronze Ambition.

I wasn’t planning on reviewing this Bronze Ambition palette, but it seems silly to not review something I was thoroughly impressed with ( *spoiler alert* ). I picked up this eyeshadow palette at the beginning of March when a plethora of eyeshadow palettes were released at the same time. No really, there were commercials everywhere and I was embarrassed to admit that I had picked up most of them.

Anyway, I decided that I would post my thoughts on this palette since Ive had time to wear this palette on multiple occasions and can provide you with my honest thoughts.

As per Pat McGrath:

“An illuminating palette with a soiree of fiery coppers, illicit charcoals, sensual golds, and carnal champagnes. Revel in this collection of iconic shades that feature extreme blendability and adherence for pure color intensity. The creamy, soft shadows ignite metallic, pearlized pigments and amplify color. Experience an emollient-like texture and sensorial feel that glides on with one-stroke, fully-pigmented, opaque color saturation and a polished, bright, multidimensional finish.”

This is the first time I was able to see Pat McGrath eyeshadow palettes in person, let alone try out them out. I was always skeptical of buying blindly from a brand I was never able to touch for myself since my Sephora does not carry PM. I have seen countless positive reviews from some of my Instagram friends on her bigger eyeshadow palettes that cost $125, but never bought them because I was busy purchasing ND.

However, I wasn’t able to resist once I saw it in person. The shades were very soft and buttery, except for one shade: Illicit. This was the only shade that is infused with glitter (ill never understand why they do this) so it did feel a little chunky compared to the rest. The shade that impressed me the most was definitely the only matte in this palette: Throwing Shade. It was incredibly soft and easy to blend. I was just so impressed with the pigmentation of the palette.

I added this to one of my weekly rotations and did 2 simple makeup looks for work and one smokey eye during the weekend. The shades did not disappoint upon application – they were very easy to use, blended out easily (almost on their own, it felt), and I felt like I was able to create complete makeup looks with just the 6 shades in here. Although Illicit does have some glitter in it, it is undetectable once applied to the eye (which is another reason why I don’t understand the need to add it to the shadow) and I was able to use it to smoke out the outer corners.

Now I understand the hype behind her shadows/formula. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed this palette far better than I have other brands at the same price point. I enjoyed it so much that I quickly picked up another palette: Platinum Bronze (I will post a review on this later). It’s really hard to justify certain price points that brands have for their products but seeing this one priced a lot cheaper than her other offerings is what made me take the plunge.

And the performance of this palette is what made me take a second plunge — and now I am lusting after the third palette – La Vie en Rose (I have just purchased it during the VIBR sale). Overall, I was very impressed with the palette and am so glad to have added this to my makeup collection.

Do you own this palette? What do you think of it? Have you tried her bigger palettes? Those are just beautiful but I haven’t picked up any of them yet. Let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!


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