Review: Bare Minerals Gen Nude Powder Blushes

This review is LONG overdue. I was getting ready to do my weekly makeup review on my Insta Stories (happens every Saturday and I’ve had good feedback with it so far) when I noticed that as much as I use/love and talk about these Gen Nude blushes, I haven’t really dedicated a blog post to them. So I decided – why not? And here we are.

I honestly cannot remember where I first saw these blushes but it was either on Instagram or at Ulta in person. I remember going in and seeing the new display sometime back in February. The display was super tempting and I went home with the shade “Let’s Go Nude” and thus my love for these began.

As per Bare Minerals:

“Instantly warm your complexion, define cheekbones, and brighten your face with Gen Nude Powder Blush, an effortless, highly-blendable, natural-looking color blush. The cushiony soft formula is infused with good-for-skin ingredients including bareMinerals Blurring Mineral Complex, which provides a beautiful soft-focus effect. Amped up nude shades mimic the natural flush of skin for a healthy, radiant-looking complexion.”

I agree that these are effortless and blendable. Whether they are natural-looking depends on your skin’s tone and what shade you decide to purchase. It would also obviously depend on how much you apply. The first shade that I chose looked like absolutely nothing swatched on my medium skin. Since I’ve gotten this effect from other blushes and ended up happy with the actual application on the cheekbones, I decided to take it anyway.

This matte shade applied beautifully on the skin. It is possible to over-do it, so I use a soft, fluffy MAC brush to apply it. It just looks great no matter what eye/lip look I decide to do. It is my favorite of all the Gen Nude blushes I own. Because I was so impressed with it, I went back to Ulta two weeks later and picked up two more shades: Pink Me Up and That Peach Tho. Both of these blushes are also matte and did not disappoint! I was so happy with the next two selections that I spent time rotating between the three to wear.

The last shade I picked up was Bellini Brunch, which is a gorgeous darker peach-colored blush. I had a 20% off Ulta coupon code and took some time trying to decide which to pick up next – and whether to try a shimmer or stick to the mattes I knew I loved. In the end I went for what I knew I would like: a matte. I also decided to get a darker option so that I could use in the summer time. It ended up working perfectly.

Since I haven’t used tried the shimmer shades, I cannot speak for every single blush in this line. I can, however, vouch for the matte formula and say that it applies easily, lasts my entire workday (8-10 hours) and I am able to blend it if I have applied too much. The four colors I have are absolutely beautiful. I do want to try the sheen blushes eventually, however I will wait a while before doing so.

Have you tried this blush formula? What do you think about them? I would normally suggest swatching them in-store, however judging by the fact that the nude blush was nothing on my hand but everything on my cheeks, its hard to recommend that.

Overall, I am so happy to have discovered these and I hope that if you try them, you like them as well! You can shop the Bare Minerals Gen Nude blushes HERE.

Thank you so much for reading!


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