Review: Urban Decay Born To Run Palette

I was very shocked when I received the new Born To Run palette by Urban Decay. I haven’t been purchasing makeup since the Spring VIB sale and decided that this would be my next buy with a 20% off coupon code Ulta sent over. Although I ended up receiving it, I am glad to know my money would have been well spent because *SPoiLeR aLerT* I love it!

As per Urban Decay:

A travel-ready eyeshadow palette with 21 shades for every possible eye look, from neutral to smoky and bright to sultry. If you find yourself packing multiple kits for one look, Urban Decay’s Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette is your new globe-trotting go-to.

I actually put this on rotation for a week to test it out before writing this review. I picked out an additional palette to use in case I didn’t really like this one, wanted a different color scheme, etc. and let me tell you: I used this palette 7 days straight and I was able to do a different look almost every day! Well, okay, I did do a basic look twice but because I volunteered to work on a Saturday morning. I felt that this palette was all I needed to create different makeup looks without having to reach for other palettes to complete an eye look.

I think this palette houses the perfect combination of warm, neutral, subtle, and smokey in one. I can definitely see this being a perfect travel companion for those who want a lot of shadow options but don’t want to bring along an excessive amount of palettes. In addition, the packaging is absolutely perfect. I think Urban Decay has come full circle in terms of compact to bulky packaging and this one is sleek and not complicated. It closes via magnet and comes with a decent sized mirror that can be used to apply makeup without issue. I also really like the design of the packaging. It makes me want to take a vacation!

Now I did use an eyeshadow primer on some days while other days I was too lazy to bother. I did notice just a tad bit of fading on days I didn’t wear primer – but I am extremely oily so that might have been an issue on my end – or a little of both. I can’t confirm or deny that statement. 🙂  On days that I used a primer – it was absolutely beautiful and the shimmer shades were extremely pigmented. I think I surprised myself on some of the shadows I used.

I’m always one to reach for the neutral shades but Wanderlust and Big Sky were calling to me and I wore them out on a day I went to the movies. The shades were absolutely gorgeous. Still Shot in this palette was what I wanted Roxy from the ABH Subculture palette to be. Its beautiful! The shades Weekender and Riff were staples in every single look I did. They are workhorse-type shades and I think someone who uses this palette consistently will get a lot of use out of them.

Thank you so much for reading my short and sweet review. I wanted to hit my thoughts straight away since I know this palette has been out for a while and there are numerous blogs and youtube videos which you can view as well.

Either way, if you decided to come here to read my thoughts, know that I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE IT!!

Have a great day!


*Product was sent by Urban Decay.

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