Review: Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault pt. 1

Hello everyone! I am here today to provide my thoughts on 2 of 4 the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill vault palettes that I’ve been testing for the past two or three weeks. I ordered all 4 of them as soon as they became available at Ulta. I could have gone the Morphe route, but I love to buy things from Ulta if they are available there for the sole purpose of accumulating points to use as rewards later. I decided to get all 4 because they were all very appealing to me.

This review is going to focus on the shadow themselves and not the controversy that has ensued since she released them. Although I will say that I find it quite problematic that she always has some sort of drama behind every release. Either way, the first palette I decided to use was the Armed and Gorgeous palette, since it was the palette I was most drawn to: the warm shades in there scream fall, my favorite time of the year, and since those tones compliment me best, well, I couldn’t resist. The second palette I used was Bling Boss. These colors tend to suit my darker skin really well… purples are absolutely fabulous with brown eyes, so I concentrated on this one as well.

Before I get into the shadows, I just want to mention that the packaging is very sleek, its shiny which means it wont stain as easily, and the mirror can be used if it absolutely needs to be, however I would still opt for a bigger mirror myself. I love that the shade names are on the front of the palette. Its nice that they finally listened to customers and added them there. I like the design of the packaging and haven’t had any issues with any shadows breaking, etc. I throw them into my makeup bags without a care and they have held up fine.

Armed & Gorgeous.

This palette was the first one I opened, drooled at, and swatched. I was really surprised that the colors just glided onto my arm when swatching because I had learned of all the drama that was surrounding this launch after I had purchased. Honestly, I wasn’t keeping up with the makeup community – I was just waiting for this launch. The colors, especially Top Secret, the gorgeous green, were so rich with pigment. I couldn’t wait to use them!

I have to be quite honest: the shades Access, Secure, and Agent were probably the best shadows in this palette. I had absolutely no problems applying them and these 3 could make a look all on their own without issue. I was really surprised that I wasn’t able to pick up any pigment when using the shimmer shades with any ole brush. I had to switch to my fingers and a packing brush (think MAC 242 or MAC 239) in order to get some color payoff on my eyelids. The shimmer shades are really beautiful, but you’re going to have to find alternatives to apply them, especially if you’re used to using any brush like I am.

I was so disappointed in the green shade, Top Secret. I used a MAC 217 brush to create a halo eye with it and it just disappeared every time I tried to blend it out. I was rough, initially, then I was extremely careful and light handed, but nothing helped. It just blended into nothing. Eventually, I resorted to patting it in with my finger, so basically, they gave me a transparent color… (*laughing out loud*). The darkest matte shade, Prowl wasn’t my favorite either, but it was a little easier to apply than the green and made for a decent look.

I applied my trusty NARS eyeshadow primer and used my Hourglass veil setting powder to set it, so I knew that the wear time would probably be good, and it was. Edit* please excuse my extremely oily face: I took this at the end of the day when i was already in my sleep clothes! This was probably my favorite of the first two palettes I tried out, mainly because of the color scheme, and also because it gave me less problems than the next one did…

Bling Boss.

The Bling Boss palette has been one of the palettes that seems to be very hit or miss with most of the buyers who purchased it. When I first used it, I only concentrated on the shades Hush Hush, Rockstar, and Glitz & Glam. They were all fairly easy to use and I decided I would include it into the next week’s rotation in order to continue testing the rest of the shades. After having used all of the shadows I have to continue to insist this: the shimmer shades are absolutely gorgeous if you use your finger or a dense brush to pack them onto the eyelid. For some reason, they are a little difficult to pick up with a regular brush and you will NOT get the payout you would were you using a finger or packing brush.

I found more shades in this palette to be a little hard to work with when compared to the Armed and Gorgeous palette. The shade Mystic really needed to be built up and at times and I resorted to adding some of the shade with my finger, then trying to blend it into the rest of the shades. The color Sparks was okay, as well. It wasn’t too much trouble to blend, but I was careful to pack the color, then blend it. The purple shimmer, the standout of the palette, in my opinion, took some work. The color did not, like I said, apply well with a blending brush. I used it in the inner/outer corner and in the crease to create a halo effect and I took a good while doing so on each eye.

*Edit: clearly I need some blending skills, but for me, Gem was totally not a gem and more a pain in my a**!

It’s really weird that quite a few shades in this palette were a little difficult to use since they swatched extremely well when taking pictures. I found this to be true of all the palettes – they all swatched beautifully. I wouldn’t have thought that some of the mattes would be patchy/require work since they were a breeze to swatch. However, after seeing the troubles I was having, then going onto YouTube, Instagram, and reading blog posts, I can confirm that I wasn’t the only one having trouble with specific shades.

Final verdict? I honestly think both of these palettes are okay, but i would recommend Armed and Gorgeous over Bling Boss, definitely. I think that if you really like these color schemes and understand that some shades may take some work, then you will more than likely enjoy these. I am well aware of everything being said about these palettes so I just want to say this: all of mine had a V2 on the back of them, if that counts for anything. Mine were purchased on Ulta’s website on launch day. Many people said that Ulta was the retailer who was selling bad batches. I have since seen her explanation my truth video on what happened with these palettes and I’m only taking it with a grain of salt.

I am currently testing out the Dark Magic palette and will probably have my review up on the last two palettes in about two or three weeks. By now, there will have been many reviews on them which you can easily find by googling or going onto YouTube, but I just felt that I needed to add in my thoughts as well.

Do you own these palettes? What did you think of them? Let me know!

Thank you for reading!


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