Review: Urban Decay Elements Palette

The Urban Decay Elements palette was one I had my eye on as soon as I saw promo pics. I’m a huge fan of these mostly shimmer palettes – I’ve got plenty of matte shades in my collection that I can pair them with so I don’t necessarily need an all-in-one palette. Urban Decay was very generous in gifting this to me so I was excited to receive it and decided to review it for you!

This palette is HUGE. It’s about the size of a large hand so I definitely wouldn’t travel with it myself, but if you chose to, just know that the packaging is plastic and feels sturdy. It closes via a snap closure so you wouldn’t have to worry about it opening unless the snap broke. I also want to comment that I LOVE the packaging. I’m not one who buys into things solely for the packaging but I can appreciate when something is housed in something beautiful, and the Elements palette is a stunner!

As per Urban Decay:

“Inspired by the elements—Air, Earth, Fire and Water—a constellation of unique colors orbit around Luna, an ultra-iridescent transformer shade. The 19 new multidimensional pigments include bright mattes, holographic shimmers and molten metallics. We predict you’ll love Fortune Teller, a metallic magenta with green 3-D sparkle and shift. And Hex Remedy is an iridescent purple that really raises our vibrations.”

When I first swatched this palette I noticed the shades Heavy Water, Hex Remedy, and Ego needed two layers to be built up on my arm. This is fine with me since it allows you to build up the color slowly. The shade Fire Starter felt dry – but upon application was fine and not something I struggled to use. Tectonic was the creamiest of the first bunch and it is beautiful on the eyelids!

The next set of swatches were beautiful! The matte shade Elemental was super creamy and easy to apply.

The three neutral shades: Lioness, Moonrock, and Volcanic were some of the creamiest shimmers in the palette and they were easy to use… some fallout, but I easily brushed the shadow away. Fool’s Gold and Earthbound weren’t the softest to use – they felt a little chunky, but they applied nicely with a packing brush (MAC 239).

The shades Sapphire Dream, Fortune Teller, and Electric air weren’t the softest, but boy were they pigmented when swatching and applying!

Antidote was another creamy matte shade that I used in almost every look. The shades Silver Burn and Secret Keeper felt very gritty to the touch and Secret Keeper required two layers of application, but again, were fine when using on the eyes. Luna also felt drier but was okay – it was the only shade I didn’t apply to my eyes.

I’ve stated this in my eyeshadow palette reviews before but I’ll mention again that I cannot go without an eye primer because of my oily eyelids – any eyeshadow will just disappear at no fault of their own. So while the weartime was great for me, if you do not use eye primer i would consider checking out Temptalia’s review as she doesn’t use primer when testing out products.

I really enjoyed the color selection in here. I think you get a perfect mix of warm and cool tones and neutrals and brights to use. I think the few matte shades here certainly help an eye look but don’t complete it, so I would recommend pairing it with Mattes you already own.

Overall, I loved the palette! It was a joy to use and I can’t wait to incorporate it with other looks and palettes in the near future. What do you think about this palette? Will you be picking it up? Let me know!

Ps – it’s currently on sale for $44.95 at Nordstrom!

Thank you for reading!


*This product was gifted to me by Urban Decay.

*Links used are affiliate links.

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