Review: NARS Skin Deep Eyeshadow Palette.

For my first post of 2019, I decided to do a review on the brand new NARS Skin Deep Eyeshadow Palette! I’d seen this palette posted on the NARS Instagram page, but decided to wait until i could find some swatches done by someone before buying. After seeing swatches, I decided to purchase this using my Ulta points!

As per NARS:

“NARS’ Skin Deep Eyeshadow Palette is the ultimate multi-use palette, containing 12 neutral shades to define, line, and highlight eyes and brows.

Go from subtle to smoky with rich mattes, lustrous shimmers, and smoldering metallic shadows. NARS’ pigment powder suspension technology delivers incredible payoff via pigments suspended in an innovative liquid binding system to create rich, long-wearing, high-impact color in one stroke. Each shadow can be used in a multitude of ways for a variety of François Nares’ signature looks to complement every skin tone. Eyes and brows get shaded and lined. Highlighted and defined. Because natural is anything but neutral.”

I want to comment first on the packaging – I really like the sleek packaging on this palette. This one is just a tad slimmer than Loaded, which I will be comparing it to, and I like that. It also has a similar feel of the signature rubber packaging but this one is much sturdier. I think it can still get dirty, just not as quickly.

I definitely could not use any, except for the smaller dark brown, shades for my eyebrows. I’m really surprised that they would market the palette this way, considering that if you have a deep enough shade for yourself, any eyeshadow palette could essentially provide you with a brow shade. Either way, I’ve been using this solely as an eyeshadow palette and am impressed!

The shadows were very easy to use and blendable. The colors were very pigmented and resulted in a significant amount of kick back, especially from the bigger matte shadows. I didn’t mind this, however, because blending colors together didn’t result in a muddy look or shades getting lost together. The colors worked well together and i personally feel you could see the different shades put together in my eye look (you can judge for yourself later in my post). I was able to use this with both drugstore and high end eyeshadow brushes without difficulty.

I actually really enjoyed the color scheme of this palette. I feel it will suit medium to deep skin tones far better than most palettes will and that’s honestly great! Sometimes I find some shades in an eyeshadow palette just can’t be used but I think these are perfect!

The shadows wore well for 7 hours without fading or creasing. Please keep in mind that I cannot go without eye primer otherwise my eyelids will become oily. The two looks I came up with really sold me on this palette. I provided a short video, however I wanted to show comparisons first!


If you’re coming from my Instagram page, you’ll know that I did a quick story on comparisons between both the Loaded palette and Skin Deep. Partly because I knew they looked similar and partly because I got so many questions about it!

If you’re looking for diversity and already invested in the Loaded palette – let me be the first to tell you: you really don’t need this palette. If you look at my comparison swatches, you will see that the colors in Skin Deep are a shade or two darker than those in Loaded. The only real thing missing in Loaded that they gave us in Skin Deep were darker matte options.

However, if you are a NARS lover, palette hoarder, etc. then by all means get it if you wish! I am happy to have both in my collection, so I would be the wrong person to ask whether or not you think you may need it, haha!

I provided some comparison swatches that I hope you like and will help you in deciding whether or not to grab the new Skin Deep palette.

I did a look with this palette the other day and figured I would upload my picture/video on here. You can always find it on my Instagram page under the highlights section “Makeup Looks!”

It is available at Ulta Beauty and retails for $59.00 USD. You can purchase/check it out through my affiliate link HERE.

Thank you so much for reading!


*Links provided are affiliate links.

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