Review: Milani Pure Passion Eyeshadow Palette

In 2018, Milani surprised many makeup lovers by releasing two incredible eyeshadow palettes: Most Loved Mattes (review here) and Bold Obsessions (review here). Because of their success and popularity, I can only speculate, they went ahead and released two more of these 12 pan palettes! Today I’m here to tell you all about Pure Passion!

I was aware of their release when it happened, however I was interested in other things at the time that I completely forgot all about them until I came across them on Ulta’s website. I knew straight away that this palette housed all my favorite kindS of shades so it was really a no-brainer when it came time to order. However, I did take some time, but also finally purchased their Soft & Sultry palette. I’ll review that palette at a later time.

As per Milani:

“Pure Passion Eyeshadow Palette by Milani is designed with a coordinated blend of fine-milled lustrous rose golds, and warm berry shadows that can be worn alone or together. This curated palette features 12 mega-pigmented, airbrushed mattes, and shimmer soaked metallics to accentuate and sculpt one-of-a-kind depth and dimension.”

Just the definition of the colors suckered me in. Rose golds, warm berries.. yup! Definitely my types of shades. I had high hopes for this palette as I was seriously blown away by the first two releases. I had high expectations for this one as well. The packaging of these drugstore palettes rivals packaging that you can find at Sephora (ex: tarte, stila). The packaging is a gold on the outside, feels sturdy, and houses a mirror on the inside. I think there’s the perfect amount of space between each shade so that it doesn’t feel like they wasted space.

The shades were very soft to the touch, but not crumbly, which was a good thing. I was able to get these swatches on my arm with 1 or 2 swipes, without any issues. When using with my blending (MAC, Morphe) brushes, I had no issues blending out the shades. My packing brushes (MAC) did a fine job adding the shimmer shades to the lids. There was a bit of fallout with some shades, so if you don’t like that, I’d suggest tapping your brush off beforehand or applying your eyeshadow first.

I think the first three shades look almost similar but the third on the right is absolutely gorgeous on the lids! Definitely a one-and-done shade if you’re in a rush! I used my trusty NARS primer to keep the shadows from separating/fading due to my oily eyelids, so they did hold up well. I’m not sure what the wear time would look like without eye primer as I can’t really go without it.

I think this palette is definitely up-to-par with the first two releases: beautiful packaging, easy to use shadow formula, great color scheme… this palette was no exception.

I do want to comment on the price though. Drugstore makeup is beginning to compete with higher end makeup in terms of pricing. Honestly! This palette retails for $19.99 at both Ulta and Milani’s websites! I was able to snag this with points I had, but I would highly suggest NOT purchasing at these places/prices, and instead hunting it down at Walmart, where it retails for $14.99. I really think the palette is worth both price tags, but if you can save a few dollars, then why pay extra?!

Either way, I really enjoyed using this palette! Have you checked out Milani’s 12-pan eyeshadow palettes? What do you think of them? Which is your favorite? Let me know!

Thank you for reading!


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4 thoughts on “Review: Milani Pure Passion Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Oh man $20 US means it is going to be really expensive here in Canada if we can even get our hands on it! It looks gorgeous though.


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