Review: NYX Cosmetics Swear By It Palette

I didn’t think I would review the NYX Swear By It palette, but after buying it and talking about it briefly on my Insta Stories , I had several questions on it and began to see it pop up on lots of YouTubers channels! YouTubers Tati and Allie Glines have recently reviewed/used this palette on their YouTube channel as well as a few others. The only person I had seen talk about this palette was Kathleen Lights, but this was back in July of 2018! Her makeup look definitely inspired this purchase. I cant wait to tell you all about it!

I felt that I should do a post about this palette since there weren’t too many reviews/videos about it during its initial release. This was probably due in major part to its hefty price tag, but we will get into the price later in this post. For now, here are my thoughts on the packaging, color story, formula, application, etc.

As per NYX:

“Cross our hearts: NYX Professional Makeup Swear by It Shadow Palette is as major as it looks. This fall-inspired collection features 40 cool and warm tones – from chocolaty brown and deep teal, to orange and mustard yellow – in stunning matte, metallic and satin finishes. Everyone can mix and match these flattering, velvety-smooth shades to take their look from dawn, to dusk and beyond.”

The palette is housed in plastic packaging with a see through lid, which I really like because honestly, just looking at it inspires me. I know there are many who feel this makes the palette look cheap, but I am really enjoying being able to see the colors in here. If you are someone who stores their palettes in drawers, etc. the clear top will allow you to see the shades and will make you want to use it! The lid closes shut with a clasp which I do prefer since I’ll always know I closed it right.

The palette houses the perfect mix of cool and warm toned shades. I think you’ve got almost every color you could want in Swear by It. If anything, for me, personally, there isn’t a beige/tan shade that’s dark enough to use all over the lids to set my eyeshadow primer, but maybe for others it won’t be an issue. Also, there was talk about lack of purple shades, which is true, however, I feel that some of the shades on the left side of the palette can give you a purple vibe.

The matte shades blended out really nicely. The darker matte shades took a little more work, but I think that’s just either how darker matte shades are/or I just seem to have an issue blending out darker matte shadows myself.  Some of the shadows were powdery, so I would highly suggest applying your eye look before doing the rest of your makeup.

The shimmer shades are shades that I really didn’t give a chance to. Basically, the few reviews I had seen on this palette all expressed the lack of true pigment when applied to the eyes, so they all suggested using something to help them. So on the first day I used the shimmer shades in the palette, I didn’t even try to use it without aid: MAC Fix+ was used for every shimmer shade and they applied fabulously! I’ve since, without aid, used a shader brush to apply some of the shimmer shades on the lid for work, and I didn’t really seem to have issues. Ive also applied them with my fingers and they did the job just fine.

The wear time on these shadows ranged from 6-7 hours and then I noticed some slight fading, even with the use of a primer. I’m not sure how well they would fare without any sort of help. I would strongly suggest using eye primer even if you’re not someone who regularly does this. Even using concealer will help. I also noticed more fading in the matte shades compared to the shimmer shades. Overall, though, I was satisfied with the wear time.

When I purchased this palette, I believe I had a really great coupon to use with it. I believe it was between $5-$10 dollars off drugstore makeup, so I was able to snag it using that and my Ulta points. The US retail price for this palette is $35, so about $1 per shadow. This is actually quite expensive for a drugstore eyeshadow palette, and I can see why there were many people who were turned off by that. I can also see how, with new releases such as Morphe x James Charles palette, this one would be overlooked.

I did create several looks with it, but unfortunately only captured one. I tried to recreate Kathleen’s look of yellow eyeshadows but added an orange shade in the crease to make it more like sunset eyes. I’ve had no trouble using the shadows in this look or the others I’ve done. I’ve been happy with the outcome of the looks and wear time as well!

Overall, I think it’s a nice palette with a beautiful color story. If you’ve been eyeing this palette, I think it’s worth it. I would suggest waiting for an Ulta coupon to buy it to save yourself some money. They usually always have $3.50 off but they’ve sent out 20% coupons regularly.

I hope this post was helpful, and if not at least entertaining! Lol! Thank you so much for reading!


*Links are affiliate links, except for the links taking you to Tati, Allie, and Kathleen’s channels.

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