Review: Lime Crime Venus XL II Palette

I might be in the minority when I tell you that when I saw the Lime Crime Venus XL II palette on Trendmood’s Instagram, I was immediately intrigued. The green colors, which I rarely reach for, called to me. So, I ordered! I have used this palette a few times and came up with 4 different looks, 2 of which I will show here. After using it for quite some time, I’m ready to give my thoughts on this palette.

As per Lime Crime:

“Blossom and bloom with Lime Crime’s Venus XL 2 Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette, the earthly rebirth of the ultimate grunge eyeshadow palette! Boldly unearth 18 all-new shades in four rich, buttery-smooth formulas: matte, metallic, foil, & sheer iridescent.”

First, I would like to comment on the packaging. If you’re familiar with the first Venus XL palette, you’re getting the exact same packaging the second time around. The shadows are housed in a pretty bulky, in my opinion, cardboard packaging with a lid that folds all the way back – my favorite kind of lid. It comes with a large mirror which works great. I would say the packaging is pretty sturdy. I did travel with it for an overnight stay and had no issues/worries about it breaking, damaging, etc.

The color scheme of this palette, in my opinion, leans completely neutral. I don’t think this palette would be considered “colorful” due to the muted shades housed here. However, this is what drew me to the palette. I’ve been slowly diving into color lately, and these shades are muted enough to sport greens to work without being overly done. This can be an issue for some, who were probably hoping/expecting for vivid greens/pinks and possibly oranges, if you look at the outer packaging. Not with XL II. In comparison, the original XL is way brighter/colorful and has a wider range of tones when comparing to this one.

The eyeshadows applied well without issue. I didn’t find the matte shades, light or dark in here, hard to blend out. In fact, I think they were very easy to use. The shimmer shades were easy to use as well. The foil shades definitely needed some help, as I tried to apply the shade Eve, for example, and it didn’t give me the vibrant color in the pan until I applied Fix+ to the eyelid. I think that with the foil shades, some kind of glitter glue/primer for glitter is needed in order to prevent fallout. I used a regular primer and experienced fallout throughout the day. The shades wore well for about 8 hours with primer – I had one look on for about 4 hours; the second for 8 hours, and although I experienced fallout, my shadow looked pretty good at the end of the night.

I created 5 different looks with this palette, 3 of which I took photos of and will show on this blog post. The first two looks I did, I felt that the colors I selected to pair together just did not go well. I had some trouble with the greens, specifically Myth, Laurel, and Ivy. They look different in the pan, however they swatch a little similar, with Myth being the most unique – an icy green. When trying to layer them together, they all looked exactly the same on my eyelids. I’m not sure if its due to my skintone, or the fact that the shades have the same depth, but I took off the first two looks without taking photos and started from scratch.

For the first look, I decided to pair two of the greens with some of the brown tones in the palette. This resulted in a much nicer and more presentable look, which you can see here. I always like to place a shade in between the lid color and outer corner/darker color, and this is where Myth just did not cut it. I relied on Radiant, an iridescent white shade, to help blend both the green and brown shades together on the lids, and that worked out great.

For the second look, I decided to ditch the greens and do a pinkish look so that you could see the diversity in the palette. The shade In Bloom is a beautiful matte shade that I used as a crease color, but could work as an outer corner color for those with lighter skin tones. I applied the shade Phoenix in the outer corner and crease, and Classical to smoke out the outer corner. On the eyelids I used the beautiful shade Eve, however I needed Fix+ to make it more vibrant.

For my third and final look, I decided to ditch both the pink and green and use the golds and rusts in the palette. I started with the shade Ripe in the crease, then moved on to West to add depth into the crease and outer corner. I used glitter glue to apply a mix of Phoenix and Forbidden in the inner 2/3 of the eyelid. I finished it off by applying more of West and Classical in the outer corner. I liked the look of this one, it came out very subtle in the photo, but in real life, it felt like it was pretty smokey.

I think this palette would be a great buy if you’re a fan of natural shadow palettes/want to collect the Venus XL range. However, if you’re someone who likes eyeshadow palettes and has a good variety, you might be able to find dupes in your collection. I would strongly suggest reading other reviews, looking up review videos on youtube, going into Ulta to see it for yourself, if that is possible, before making a decision. I was pretty disappointed that some of the shades all looked the same on my eyelids, such as the greens, but again, there isn’t a variety of depth with them, so that should be expected.

I think another thing to be aware of is the pairing of shadows. I tried pairing Sage together with some other matte shades and it turned somewhat grey – not the look I was going for. If you think these muted tones are something you can work with, then this might work out for you. Although I was initially disappointed with the two looks that did not work out, when I tried again, I was happy with the other three looks I provided here and it got me excited and motivated to use this palette again and again. I bought mine at Ulta for $58.00 which is something else to consider. The price is pretty high. Overall, I’m very happy with all of the shades here and I’m glad it is now part of the family!

What do you think of this palette? Is this one you’re considering buying? Let me know! Thank you so much for reading!


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4 thoughts on “Review: Lime Crime Venus XL II Palette

  1. I don’t have any of Lime Crime’s eyeshadow, but I would love to start with this palette, as the color story is unique. In fact, for me, this is one of the most interesting color story from 2018. But, due to LC controversies in the past, it was ignored.


    1. I’ll admit, I’m not very familiar with their controversies. I picked this up because I loved the color scheme as well. I should probably look into these things in the future.


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