Duping the Melt Blueprint Stack – Shopping My Stash!

One of the things I told myself I would do in 2019 is shop my stash more and take a backseat to palette buying. As you might be able to tell from this blog and my Instagram page, I haven’t been doing that good of a job so far. However, when I saw Melt Cosmetics release the brand new Blueprint Stack, I immediately drooled over it. I knew this was something I really wanted. The swatches, the presentation of it, and the tutorials/looks I’ve seen on it so far have been beautiful. Personally, blue shadows aren’t shades that I reach for often, so I felt that shopping my stash for similar shades would be the better option for myself.

I had actually considered purchasing but it went out of stock and I knew that was my cue to look for options within my own collection. Now, I have a pretty extensive collection but most of the range falls on the neutral side of the spectrum. So one Sunday I brought out my entire eyeshadow palette collection, turned on Netflix, and began the hunt for dupes.

I remembered that I’d bought the Marc Jacobs Smartorial palette way back when it initially released, which is a mostly cool-toned blue shadow palette. This is where I found the first dupe for the Melt midnight blue matte, Dim-Out. The shade MAKE SURE is not an exact match, but I think I could make it work. While its not the exact same shade, its deep enough to do the job.

The next two shades: King Stud – a metallic sapphire and Deadbolt – a cerulean shimmer were duped using my Urban Decay Elements palette. The shades SAPPHIRE DREAM and HEAVY WATER are an almost identical match if I compare pictures of the Melt shadow swatches with my own.

The last blue in the Melt Blueprint stack – Skylight, a celestial blue shimmer, took a while to find a dupe in my collection. I went back and forth with several shades, including a sparkle in the Fenty Galaxy palette, but in the end I found her match in the Natasha Denona Tropic palette. The shade MINT FROST is not an exact dupe either, but it definitely works for this color scheme.

The next set of shadows were the brown/gold/rust shades. The first shade in the Melt Blueprint stack is Hammered, a matte mahogany brown. I thought I might have found a dupe in the ABH Sultry palette, but it leaned more cool-toned. I think I may have found a better match in the shade PROWL in the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Armed and Gorgeous palette. The shade is warmer when compared to the brown in Sultry, so I think it is a better match.

The next two shades in the Melt Stack: Nailed, a bronzed gold shimmer, and Hot Wire, an orange copper, were probably the easiest to dupe, even though they aren’t exact matches. This is because my collection thrives in golds and coppers. I found both shades in one palette: Juvia’s Place The Warrior palette: the shade IDIA was the closest I could get to Nailed. It was hard to find a bronzey gold in my collection. The second shade in Warrior, DAHOMEY, was a perfect dupe in my opinion.

The very last shade in the Melt Blueprint stack, Beaming, a bright gold shifting baby pink was the one I duped pretty quickly without realizing that the definition of the shade in Melt said it was baby pink. Because I spent a lot of time looking at different dupes for the other shades, I settled for the shade HALO in the Natasha Denona Mini Sunset palette.

*This photo was obtained from empoweredbeauty.blog via Instagram.

I wanted to show you a comparison of the dupes in my collection to a photo of swatches of the Melt Blueprint stack – side-by-side. What do you think? Are the shades I found similar enough to the palette itself? I seem to think so!

Well, there you have it! I’m glad that I was able to find some dupes in my collection for this gorgeous looking Melt Blueprint stack. It was fun to go through my stash and see that if there is something I really want, there is a possibility I may be able to find similarities in my collection. The only bad thing about this is that you cannot travel with all of these palettes if you wanted to travel with similar shades. Or, you would have to pull all these palettes out to create the look versus pulling one palette out.

Either way, spending time finding dupes has resulted in me not buying the blueprint stack. I’m hoping to be able to do this again for a future eyeshadow palette release.

What palettes/makeup items have you duped lately? Let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!


*Links provided in this blog post are affiliate links.

*Link to empoweredbeauty.blog is not affiliated. Please be sure to check out her Instagram page! It is full of beautiful swatches.

*Links in the Melt Cosmetics photos are not affiliated, they take you straight to the blueprint stack with no commission.

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