My Palette Purchases of 2018 – Part 2.

Did you think I was done? If you read the first part of this series (you can read HERE), you will know that I did a “round-up” of my eyeshadow palette purchases from Sephora during 2018 and provided my thoughts on each palette, let you know how much use I truly got out of each one, which have been decluttered, etc. One day when I unexpectedly had the morning off from work (thanks horrible, cold, rainy weather), I went through all of my Ulta emails and decided I’d do a second part dedicated to my Ulta eyeshadow palette purchases.

I’m sure this isn’t all of them, unfortunately. There were definitely some purchases made through company’s main websites, Nordstrom, Macy’s and Beautylish… but for now, this will be it. So are you ready? I cant wait to share my overall thoughts on every palette I bought at Ulta in 2018.

Surprisingly, no eyeshadow palettes were purchased during January, February, and March of 2018! I couldn’t believe it, since eyeshadow palettes are truly my weakness. I suppose that’s okay though, since I did make purchases at Sephora. However, April and onward, there were several purchases made:

April 2018

Dominique Latte* – I know I’m probably one of the few who feel this way about this palette, but I must admit: I was no fan of this palette. I’m not sure what it was.. I thought the color scheme was nice, and I remember being excited to use it. But when it was actually applied, I just didn’t find anything exciting about it. It was just there.. so I decided that if it wasn’t at least inspiring me to use it, I didn’t need it in my collection. I decluttered this one a few months later, and I haven’t missed it since.

July 2018:

ABH Norvina – this was a palette I knew I would get as soon as I saw the promo pics for it. I haven’t used it as much as I would like, but it is going in a rotation soon and I cant wait to use it again. The colors are absolutely beautiful!

Urban Decay Beached – I sometimes get PR from Urban Decay, but when this one wasn’t sent to me, I knew I would have to pick it up eventually. And, I did! This palette has a beautiful array of shades and the formula in it is great. Actually, it kind of reminds me of the Melt Blueprint stack that I recently duped! This is another that needs to go on rotation soon, but I love it!

August 2018:

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault* – I picked up the set when it released at Ulta. Currently, I have two of the four palettes originally purchased in my collection. I wasn’t a fan of Dark Magic, even though the shade selections are beautiful. I had a hard time blending the shadows. I decluttered this one shortly after. I also decluttered Bling Boss, reviewed here, because I just felt that I didn’t want to work with the formula. The shades seemed to have gotten hard pan quickly, and I didn’t care for that.. I still have Armed and Gorgeous and the Ring the Alarm palette. They’re okay. Honestly, I should have just purchased Armed and Gorgeous and left the rest.

Lime Crime Venus XL – I cant even remember what prompted me to get this one, but I’m glad I did! It’s the perfect palette of pinks and I am a huge fan of it! Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a lot of use out of it, but I am glad to have it in my collection.

September 2018:

Makeup Revolution x Emily Edit* – oh boy, here’s one that I returned after learning about the mold in the palette. I was truly saddened about it since I was enjoying it while I had it. I just didn’t want to risk getting another one that might have mold on it so I exchanged it for something else. Being pregnant makes you truly paranoid!

Too Faced Gingerbread Palette – this is a palette I feel I’ve used in a few rotations but still haven’t gotten enough use out of it. I ordered this one as soon as it was available and have no regrets. I really like the color scheme and the packaging suckered me in as well.

October 2018:

Dose of Colors Friendcation – I was a little hesitant to purchase this one at first since I had purchased the quad and decluttered it because I just wasn’t into it. But after seeing reviews and tutorials, I decided to take a chance and I am so glad I did! The shades were absolutely beautiful and the colors blended together easily and came together nicely. I think this went on sale some time towards the end of the year and if you snagged it on sale – good on you! It’s a stunning palette and I’m happy to have in my collection!

ABH Sultry – Sultry, oh sultry. The palette I bought just to complete my ABH collection but ended up loving completely. This is one of the very, very few cool-toned palettes in my collection and although it can look super boring, its far from it. I love it, and need to use it more!

November 2018:

Juvias Place Nubian II – Here was another palette I bought after feeling a little spendy and looking at different palettes on Ulta’s website. This was my second ever Juvia’s Place palette and while I decluttered the original Nubian, this one I love! The warm shades are perfect for me, and the two pops of color let me experiment without going overboard.

Theory Kit Copper and Pink* – I decided to group both of these together and I really have been enjoying both. I used Pink as soon as I received it and I think its the perfect little palette if you’re trying color for the first time. The formula of these are just amazing. The Copper kit is equally stunning. However, did I need this? With my collection consisting of 85% neutral shades and the Lime Crime Venus XL, they were not needed. I definitely could have done without them. This doesn’t take away from the fact that they are an excellent formula and definitely worth the price if you were interested!

December 2018:

Too Faced Pretty Rich – Not going to lie – the packaging did me in. I’m usually not a fan of such a different shape/bulky packaging, but I couldn’t resist. It was just so cute! I haven’t used this palette more than once, but I really need to. I just really like it!

Tarteist Pro Remix* – Ahh. A palette I didn’t need and *surprise* have not used yet. Blah.

Becca Volcano Goddess* – Oh hi, palette I also didn’t need but bought just because it was on sale. Not doing that again!

Colourpop Chasing Rainbows – okay, this one hasn’t been used yet, either, but I couldn’t resist the color scheme and even though it sits untouched, seeing it in my collection makes me oddly happy. This is one of those mystery purchases I think every makeup lover has. Haven’t used it, but I needed it.

Well, there you have it! All of my eyeshadow purchases from Ulta during the 2018 year. As I’m sitting here reflecting on these purchases, it seems as though I’ve favored and used more palettes here than I did with my Sephora palette purchases. I’m not really sure why. It could be I was just motivated to try/review some of these more than the others. I cant really tell, but I definitely have more loves in here.

I bought a total of 18 palettes (4 of those being the vault collection). Out of the 19 palettes, there were 8 palettes I could have done without, with the exception of the return. After reflecting in my last blog post, I have the same conclusion here. I didn’t need almost half of the palettes I bought. I would have done with 10 here and 10 from Sephora, bringing down my palette purchase from 39 to 20.

What palettes did you buy in 2018 that you feel you could have done without or aren’t bringing you joy or inspiration? Let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!


*Links provided are affiliate links.

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