Drugstore Products That Rival High End

As you know, one of my favorite things to do is shop my stash. Seriously! I get so much joy out of picking different things to use each week. During one of my recent rotations I noticed that over the past year there’s been an increase in the amount of drugstore products I’ve been using. In fact, I’m not only rotating between more drugstore products, I am thoroughly enjoying them and find myself choosing them over some of my high end favorites.

So after noticing this, I went back to old blog posts reviewing certain drugstore products and studied the different photos I’d been taking on Instagram and decided to do a blog post dedicated to strictly drugstore products I feel are just as good, if not better, than their higher end rivals. I have had these products long enough (at least most of them) that I feel confident enough recommending them to you! So, lets begin!


This is one of the products I haven’t had for too long in my collection, but after using it for two weeks straight, I love it enough to recommend it as it definitely competes with higher end favorites. I’m talking about the new Loreal Infallible Freshwear Foundation that was recently released. I had heard so many great things about this product, from friends on Instagram to beauty gurus on YouTube and decided to purchase this myself to see what the hype was about. This foundation is honestly great! It’s got medium to full coverage, and 2 pumps really covers all imperfections with a beauty sponge. I’m sure you’d get more coverage with a brush. It was a satin-matte finish on me, and lasted a full 9 hours without issue. I loved the way it looked on me and I cant recommend it enough. To me, its very similar to both my NARS Sheer Glow and Radiant Longwear foundations. If you’ve been interested in those, but don’t want to pay the price, I would recommend this one for sure.

Another face product I enjoyed for months and felt I needed to talk is the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Full Coverage Concealer. I believe everyone says this one compares to Tarte Shape Tape. While I’ve had the Tarte concealer before, I haven’t used it in a long time so I’m not really sure how similar they are. All I know is that its a great medium to full coverage concealer. I apply a powder to set it every time I use it, but I haven’t had any issues with caking, creasing, or fading throughout the day. I went from using a higher end concealer to this and I didn’t feel it was any different, honestly. I didn’t notice a jump from expensive to affordable, if you get me. I would definitely recommend checking this one out if you like a fuller coverage concealer. I am now using a different concealer, but I did buy a brand new Makeup Revolution conealer so that I have it when I need it.


I probably sound like a broken record mentioning these for the 1294th time, but I have to let you know just how great the Burt’s Bees blushes are! I first purchased the shade Bare Peach sometime in 2018 and completely fell in love with it. Towards the end of the year 2018/beginning of 2019 I decided to purchase a new shade: Toasted Cinnamon and I cant seem to put that one down either. The formula rivals that of my beloved Bare Minerals Gen Nude blushes. They last a good 9-10 hours, apply easily, are between a satin and matte finish on the cheeks, and are very soft. You have to tap lightly otherwise you will produce a lot of kick up. Burt’s Bees currently only has 3 different shades of this blush so I am planning on picking the last shade soon!

Another blush I want to mention on here that I have and think are just as good  as high end are the Milani Baked Blushes. I don’t have too many of these as I decluttered a lot of them when I went on a declutter spree, but I do currently own the Dolce Pink shade and its just as great as the Burt’s Bees blushes, but this one has a sheen to it. I think these rival higher end luminous blushes such as the Becca blushes. They last just as long, have a soft formula but don’t kick up too much powder, and look absolutely beautiful on the skin. The only thing you’d have to worry about is selecting a shade and not going crazy and purchasing them all! Ha!


I would like to think that if you are coming from my Instagram page and have visisted my blog, you will know which drugstore eyeshadow palettes I am about to mention. If you guessed the newer Milani eyeshadow palettes, you are correct! When I first came across Bold Obsessions (reviewed HERE), I was blown away. First of all, the packaging reminded me of the Stila Eyes are the Window palettes: they house a mirror, are compact, and have a high-end look to them. The color scheme in all of the palettes are absolutely gorgeous and the formula of these are great. Pigmented, blend well, and last well throughout the day, although I do use an eye primer. I have since reviewed the Most Loved Mattes (HERE) and Pure Passion (HERE) palettes and have the same praises for these as well. They are a little pricey at $14.99, but they are worth it.

I feel like I’ve been a snob before when it comes to mascara: I feel that sometimes some drugstore mascaras can dry out quickly so I always resort back to my higher end ones. Earlier this year I discovered, or re-discovered, actually, the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara that was recommended to me by Gigi (check her out HERE), one of my favorite Instagram beauty pages. The mascara was great! It held up well, didn’t flake when taking it off = which is a huge pet peeve of mine – and added a small curl to the lashes. This one is great and rivals some of my higher end mascaras, such as Too Faced BTS.


I feel like this is an easier category to talk about because realistically, lip products at the drugstore have always been as good as higher end ones, its just the choice of the buyer which route they decide to go. One of my favorite lip gloss formulas from the drugstore are the Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumpers. I’ve done comparisons before on my Insta Stories against the Kylie High Glosses. The only real difference between both are that the Kylie glosses are sticky while the Milani glosses are not. If sticky glosses aren’t your thing, then the Milani ones are perfect. I’ve accumulated several shades of these because I am a truly a fan. I do have to mention that I didn’t get a lip plumping effect from these glosses, but I am totally fine with that. They are nice to just add some shine/color to your lips.

Another lip product I think is just as good as high end are the new Loreal Rouge Signature Lightweight Matte Colored Ink liquid lipsticks, mentioned previously HERE. I bought three of these and fell in love! The formula is very thin and the wear time is great. The reason I’ve been choosing these over some of my high end liquid lips is the fact that these don’t feel as drying. If you compare them to ABH or Stila, you will notice that the Loreal ones are very comfortable. They remind me of the YSL Tatouage Lip stains, with their light formula, pigment, and longevity. I know they have the same parent company so its no surprise they are comparable. I would highly recommend trying one of these out!

Another formula I have come to absolutely love are the Loreal Colour Riche Shine lipsticks. I did a review on them HERE, and provided tons of swatches. I since decluttered some of them – not because of the formula – the formula is fantastic! Some of the colors were too light for my skin tone. My favorite shade is Glossy Fawn, one of the only brown neutrals in the line. I love it. It reminds me of my Chanel Rouge Coco Shine or YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks. They don’t have long lasting power (neither do Chanel/YSL) since they are more of a balm-y lipstick. But they are beautiful and the packaging is nice on these as well.

These are all the products I own and recommend that are just as good as high-end products. I’m positive there are so many other drugstore products that are just as good, but I haven’t used them personally, or used them in a long time, so I won’t mention them here. The drugstore is really stepping up their game when it comes to makeup products, aren’t they?!

What are some of your favorite products that rival high end ones? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!



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