Review: LINA CHOO Great Artist Matte Lipstick Collection.

Hello! I was recently contacted by a brand new (to the American market) makeup company called LINA CHOO. They asked if I would be willing to accept their Great Artist Matte Lipstick collection as a gift to which I excitedly agreed. After noticing only very few reviews on Instagram, YouTube, and blogs, I decided that I would review them here, in case you came across the brand and were interested in one of the lipsticks.


“Founded in China with a global vision, LINA CHOO is a next-generation beauty brand dedicated to empowering women around the world through beauty and artistry. LINA CHOO’s debut matte lipstick collection draws inspiration from the world’s greatest artists, translating their most iconic works into rich, velvety hues. A luxury brand with a commitment to quality and detail at its core, LINA CHOO strives to inspire passion, courage, and confidence in every wearer.”

The Great Artist Matte Lipstick collection consists of 6 different lipstick shades ranging from red to coral to a pink and neutral hue. They are housed in a beautiful, luxe-looking black packaging with the brand’s name “LINA CHOO” marked on the bottom half of the packaging. Although the lipsticks don’t feel heavy, they have a luxurious look to them that I really like. The golden part of the bullet has a beautiful design to it that is present in every lipstick. The bullet of the lipstick itself also has a very nice luxe design to it.

The lipstick formula itself, although described as a matte formula, comes off more of a satin-matte finish. I would say the formula is matte-like without the dry feeling of a matte lipstick. It is very comfortable on the lips and one swipe of it across your lips gives off good pigmentation. The lipstick does transfer a bit, so if you prefer a lipstick that does not, you may not like these.

I thought they were very comfortable on the lips and did not find myself needing reapplication throughout my 7-hour test wear. As with any lipstick, I find them to last longer with the use of a lipliner, but they work fine on their on as well. I forgot to mention the scent: it’s got a light vanilla scent which I have come to love and favor over other scents that lipsticks may have.

This collection of lipsticks are currently only being sold on the Beautylish website. They retail for $32 dollars a lipstick and have gotten mostly good review from buyers on the Beautylish website. In addition, the few blog posts and reviews on YouTube I’ve seen have had good reviews on them, too.

I have been enjoying testing them each day and would recommend them if one of them intrigues you! Here are swatches of all 6 shades!

Shade: Shakespeare

Shade: Da Vinci

Shade: Van Gogh

Shade: Botticelli

Shade: Anderson

Shade: Duras

So, what do you think of the shade range?! I’m personally loving it! I’m loving the formula of these lipsticks and the shade range is right up my alley!

Are these lipsticks some you would consider purchasing?! Let me know! Once again: they can be found at Beautylish for $32 each.

Thank you so much for reading!


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