Review: Natasha Denona Bloom Blush & Glow Palette.

This year, I decided to gift myself something for Valentines Day. After all, I deserve it, right?! We all do! I wasn’t sure what it would be until Natasha Denona revealed her new Spring 2019 Bloom Blush & Glow Palette. I watched every Insta Story: from her reveal to her mini tutorials and I knew this would be the gift I would give myself.

As soon as it was available on Sephora’s website, I placed an order for it and its actually been one of the fastest items shipped to me, ever! Since then, I have worn it a total of 4 times and I am ready to give you my thoughts on this palette.

As per Natasha Denona:

“This palette contains a range of exquisite formulas. The hydrating, velvety cream blush is designed to give your skin a healthy flush of color. Glow Cream Base is a hydrating, luminous cream highlight with real crushed mineral pearls to give your skin a the ultimate glow. Duo Glow is a multi-purpose, duo-chrome highlighting powder with real, crushed mineral duo-chrome pearls to give your skin a supernatural shade-shifting glow. Extreme Glow is a multidimensional, sparkling, creamy powder highlight with a soft-focus, HD finish and velvety-smooth texture.”

First, I’d like to comment on the packaging of the product. These blushes are housed in a plastic, peach case with a full mirror on the lid. The packaging is similar to that of the Tropic palette, however this is a peach lid cover. I love the look of it! The cream shades are protected with a plastic cover so that they do not mix with the powder shades. I think this is genius and really appreciate it. I loved that she did it with her bigger blush palettes and I’m glad she did it with this one as well. I think this would be great for travel, it arrived to me unbroken, however I did see some people’s arrive with the powder shades shattered. I would travel with this one over the bigger blush palettes any day!

The cream blushes are probably what struck the most interest to potential buyers/buyers alike. My favorite cream blush in this is Cream Blush, the deep reddish shade in the palette. When I swatched it with my fingers, there was so much pigmentation to it! This is definitely a shade you want to layer on, starting with very little product. I applied this all 4 times with a beauty sponge, barely tapping the end of it into the blush and was able to sheer it out this way. I don’t mind the color of it, however, because those with deeper skin tones will be able to use it without difficulty.

The Cream Glow Blush is a beautiful coral/pink shade that shifts colors depending on the lighting of it. I like this one as well, however this one is a little more sheer on me, even if I build it up. Those with lighter skin tones might be able to use it as a blush on its own, but I wasn’t able to. I used this one on the cheekbones and I also applied some of it on top of the reddish blush to tone it down some.

The cream shades wore well on the cheeks without issue. I had them on for almost 8 hours on 3 of the days and I noticed minimal fading. They also dried down, which I really appreciate. Often times, some cream blushes will stay sticky on the cheeks – never completely drying down. I did not experience that with these two.

I used both cream shades together, then alone on the lips to see how they wore. They dried down on the lips, but did not feel matte or dry, and were nice. Mixing them together gave a hot pink hue, and on its own, the red shade is stunning. I loved!

I used both of the cream shades on the eyes as eyeshadow. I had questions on whether this was safe to do – and I think it is. I saw Denona use them on the eyes in one of her tutorials, and I had absolutely no issues with them such as irritation, itchiness, etc. I think the shades wore well with minimal fading ( I did use my NARS eye primer). You can definitely layer the powder shades on top of the creams which I did for all looks. However, I did not get to test them on their own without powder over.

I am a HUGE fan of the Duo Glow shade – the shifting of peach/pink is absolutely stunning. I thought it might be similar to her duo glow in Alba, a blush I wanted but never got, so I am extremely happy this shade is somewhat similar. I applied this with a blush brush on top of the cream blushes and the look is fantastic! It is also a shade I wore on the lids 3 times and loved so much. The perfect spring-time cheek and eye shade.

The Glow Extreme shade is a beautiful highlight. I used this shade on the cheekbones as a true highlight color, on the brow bones, cupids bow, and in the inner corners of the eyelids. I did use Fix+ and a pointed brush to concentrate this highlight shade on the smaller spaces, as I felt that the color kind of spread out. Applying the highlight this method worked out best for me.

I have provided pictures of myself wearing the Bloom palette on multiple occasions just so that you can see how it looks on medium skin tone. I will also provide comparison pictures between this compact blush and her bigger Blush and Glow palettes that I own. I know there was mention of the amount of blush in the Bloom versus Darya and Citrus palettes, so if that is something you look into, you may want to consider. However, I think the smaller palette is perfect to take with you when traveling, etc. I wouldn’t consider traveling with the bigger blush palettes.

Here are comparison swatches between Bloom and Darya: some of the shades may look similar, but I don’t see any complete dupes.

And here are comparisons between Bloom and Citrus:

The powder blush in Citrus seems similar to Duo Glow and Glow Cream Blush in the Bloom Palette, but I still think if you owned both you would have different shades.

The Citrus and Darya palette are both still available in case you are interested in them! I love them as well, however they tend to get overlooked due to their large size not fitting in my makeup bag or everyday makeup drawers.

Overall, this palette is absolutely stunning and a winner in my book. Do you need it? Maybe not, especially if the red shade intimidates you (I promise, though, that it can be sheered it and work with the lightest skin tone!). However, if you have been debating on whether or not to pick it up, I want to let you know that it is worth it! I have always been a huge fan of ND blushes and highlighters. I feel this is an area where she continually creates the best of the best.

Is the Bloom palette one you are considering picking up? Let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!


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