Review: Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lipsticks vs Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit Lipsticks

Bobbi Brown recently released 14 brand new liquid lipsticks for Spring 2019. I wasn’t interested in picking them up until I came across a whole bunch of great reviews from my favorite YouTubers, beauty bloggers, and friends on Instagram. So, after buying one and using it, I now have 4 in my collection. I am so excited to review them for you! And, I may have just found their drugstore dupe!

As per Bobbi Brown:

“A lip color with the look of a liquid lipstick, the comfortable feel of a balm, and the plumped-up sheen of a gloss. Created with a superfruit blend featuring cranberry, blueberry, and raspberry extracts, this emollient-rich, full-coverage formula glides on with pure color pigments and offers nourishing comfort and moisture – both immediately and over time.”

The packaging of these Crushed Liquid Lipsticks are soo nice and luxurious! I love that the color of the lid represents the color of the lipstick you’ve chosen. I also really like that you can see through the tube so that you know how much has been used. They are very compact so throwing a few in your purse wouldn’t be an issue.

The applicator of these look like what I’m used to seeing in a liquid lip. The tip of the brush actually pops up a bit so that you can use it precisely when it comes to edges and cupid’s bow. I know this is something that is personal to the buyer, but I had no issues using it.

The formula itself applies nicely. I found that I needed to apply it two times in order to get the true color of the lipstick. The finish of it is not sticky nor does it completely dry down. You will get a shiny, but comfortable finish from this. I do not use a lipliner with the nude shades, however with the deeper colors, I found that I felt better using a lipliner. I don’t think its necessary if you’re not one who likes lipliners, however I felt better knowing I did with the red shade: Cool Beets.

The colors, both nudes and red, wore well for about 4-5 hours without needing touch-ups unless I ate. if I ate with utensils I was fine, however there were some foods I devoured with my hands and mouth, and that’s when the lipstick faded away and I needed almost total reapplication. This isn’t an issue for me as these are worn for comfort over longevity. If the finish of a lip product is shiny/balmy – you should know its not going to last for a very long time.

I found the shade-range of these to be okay. I would have liked a true nude in the collection – something like a brown – either warm or cool toned. The lightest shade in the collection, Lychee Baby, is a pale pink-nude. I also felt that there were so many mauvey shades in this range. I originally ordered the shade Give A Fig (described as a dusty red rose) and the color just did not look good on me so I exchanged it for another. I would suggest checking these out in person – especially if one of the mauve shades interests you, or looking up swatches online.

Now, here I was enjoying the heck out of two of them: Cool Beets and Haute Cocoa (which seems to be the popular shade of the range – and trust me, its beautiful!) when I came across the Wet n Wild High Shine Liquid Catsuit Lipsticks at Ulta. I decided to pick up two, initially because I loved the shades and was interested in the formula.

As per Wet n Wild:

“Inspired by our best-selling MegaLast Liquid Catsuit/Matte Liquid Lipstick, this MegaLast Catsuit High-Shine Lipstick combines all the comfort and shine of a gloss with the high-pigment of a lipstick. It provides brilliant, high-shine and ultra-pigmented lip lacquer to deliver a mirror-like gloss finish. This product is long-wearing and has a creamy texture for easy application. MegaLast Catsuit High-Shine Lipsticks are infused with a blend of vitamins, plant-based oils & butters to provide superior moisture and improve overall lip texture.”

When I got into my car I immediately tried on one of the shades – Cedar Later – and wore it for the rest of the afternoon. I immediately noticed a similarity between this lipstick and the Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lipstick! Before, I get into the details, let me comment on the packaging, wear time, etc.

The Catsuit Lipsticks are housed in a somewhat similar packaging of Bobbi Brown. There are 13 shades – which surprises me since I only saw about 10 in store. They have a clear tube to see the color, and have a white lid – a little different but the same gist. The applicator of these is a standard applicator with a curve at the end that makes application a little more simple. I’m not sure if this wand compares to others, but I had no issues applying the color on my lips.

The formula of these is just as incredible as BB. They are of a shiny/balmy finish. It never completely dries down nor does it look matte on the lips. The formula is so comfortable and it doesn’t slide around, something I do not like to happen! The wear time of these was about the same as well! It wore well on its own for about 4-5 hours before I noticed some fading. I also paired one of the shades with a lipliner only to deepen it a bit.

The shade range of the Catsuit Lipsticks are just a bit more diverse in my opinion. I feel that Bobbi Brown has a nice range of mauve shades while Wet n Wild has different colors to choose from, including neutral tones (the two I initially purchased). After seeing the similarities, I made mention of them on my Instagram and decided I would do a post as well.

I went to CVS where they had BOGO 1/2 off on all lipsticks, so I picked up two more Catsuit lippies in order to compare – one of them being a deeper wine shade to compare with Cool Beets from BB. Here’s my conclusion when testing the formula – one half of my top/bottom lip being Bobbi Brown, the other half being Wet n Wild:

Ladies and gentlemen, they are essentially the same product. Yes, you heard it here: they are the same. I tested Cedar Later (WnW) and Haute Cocoa (BB) together one day – and they both held up the same and both disappeared when I had Mexican food. The comfortability, longevity, and color were the exact same.

On another day, I tested Wine is the Answer (WnW) and Cool Beets (BB) together the same way: one half of the top and bottom lip one brand, the other half the other brand. The end result was the same: I did not eat during these 5-6 hours, and they both held up well without a lipliner.

I know this is two reviews in one, but I just felt that I needed to share my thoughts on both products, since they are dupes of each other. The only major difference is shade range. I think beyond the two colors I found to be similar, there may only be a few more that can compare. After that, the shades are different and depending on what color you prefer, you may end up going one way or the other.

The price difference is also something to consider: Bobbi Brown’s Crushed Liquid Lip retails for $26.00 each while Wet n Wild’s High Shine Liquid Lipstick retails for $4.99 each. They are both nice and I recommend both if you are over matte lipsticks but looking for something nice and comfortable.

What do you think? Have you purchased any of these? Would you consider buying them? Let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!



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6 thoughts on “Review: Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lipsticks vs Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit Lipsticks

  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I love the look of the BB lipsticks but the price tag kills me! I’ll definitely be trying the wet n’ wild lippies – thanks.

    Angela |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Bobbi Brown Liquid Lips are great! Super comfortable and glossy without the slip. There are so many colors to choose from but i feel they are all in the mauve range. I would def recommend looking at them in store.


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