Review: Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Palette & Comparison Swatches

Recently, Urban Decay Cosmetics released a brand new palette after retiring the original, revolutionary Naked palette. Naked Reloaded was presented to the world on February 9 via their Instagram page. It was released on February 27 to retailers after being sold on their site for a while. I was gifted this product by Urban Decay and thought I would review it for you and provide comparison swatches to the original Naked and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry palette.

As per Urban Decay:

“The new neutrals are here, and they are anything but ordinary. Naked Reloaded is the essential palette with the nudes you’ll always need, all in one place. We made the four outer pans in the palette bigger for the shades you’ll use the most. From silky mattes and metallics to iridescent micro-shimmers, these 12 versatile shadows contain our mind-blowing formula, with its velvety texture, rich color, and extreme blendability.”

The packaging of Naked Reloaded is different from the original and the tins the rest of the naked palettes are housed in. This palette is sleeker, thinner, and has a pillow-like lid that feels soft to the touch. It includes a mirror which is alright, however its not big enough for me and my tastes so I would use a different mirror to do my makeup. This palette is the first Naked palette missing an eye brush – something that may either be good or bad for you. I would personally rather pay less for the palette without the brush than more for one. I rarely use them, although I was a huge fan of the Naked Cherry brush.

The matte shades in the palette swatched beautifully. They were buttery smooth and I had no problems with them whatsoever. Some of the shimmer shades, such as Reputation and Burn were so creamy – it was insane! However, the shade Dreamweaver swatched so chunky and poor – I was disappointed in that shade.

The shades wore well over their primer for 8 hours with minimal fading. I found the shades easy to apply and blend, again, except for Dreamweaver. Angel Fire was another shade that had some small chunks in it but was easier to work with since its a lighter shade.

I created three different looks with this palette. Since i received it during the week and was eager to test it, I did a more wearable look for work using the shades Blur on the brow bone, Retro in the crease, Barely Baked on the eyelid, and Bucked on the outer corner and crease:

For the second look, I created a warm Smokey-ish eye. The shades used in this look included Blur in the brows, Boundaries + Retro in the crease. I added the shades Burn and Reputation in the inner 2/3 of the lid along with Barely Baked in between the two lid shades and endgame which smoked the look.

For the last look, I created a cooler toned Smokey eye which ended up being my favorite of the 3! I used the shades Blur and Bucked in the brows and crease, then I began to smoke with the shade Endgame in the outer corner and crease. I applied the shade Distilled on the inner 2/3 of the lid and applied Dreamweaver with my finger and Fix+ to fuse Endgame and Distilled together. I had to be careful with this one since it swatches so chunky. I loved the result!

I really like the color scheme of the palette – this one definitely leans warmer than the original palette and I honestly think both Naked and Naked Reloaded could have had a place in the Urban Decay family. In fact, I think Reloaded has some of the warmer, matte options that Naked was lacking, and Naked had some nice neutral shimmer shades that could compliment Reloaded beautifully.

I really think they are different enough to justify having both. The shades in Naked lean more neutral to even some what cool toned versus the warmer hues in the Reloaded palette.

Like I mentioned, using them together would be great if you still have the Naked in your makeup collection – although by this point I’ve seen so many people declutter it!

In addition to comparisons of Reloaded with Naked, there has been so much buzz about how similar this is to the Sultry palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

While I agree that placing them side by side can make them look nearly identical – when it came time to actually swatch them, I found some differences.

I think what makes them look the most similar are the fact that they are both neutral palettes with a pop of coral. The shades in the ABH Sultry definitely lean more cool toned overall when compared to the warmer hues in Reloaded. Do you need both? Well if you feel they are different enough, then yes. If you think you can pull off similar looks, then its probably not something you’ll need.

Overall, I think the Naked Reloaded palette is a nice one to have if you don’t have anything similar. I enjoyed using it this week and feel it is a nice addition to my collection. Will you be picking this one up? Let me know!


Thanks for reading!


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