Urban Decay x Game of Thrones Collection: Swatches and First Impressions

I was so excited to see that one of my long-time favorite brands – Urban Decay – was collaborating with one of the best tv shows ever – Game of Thrones – and they were coming out with a full collection of makeup! I was even more excited when a big box arrived at my door step and it was the entire collection gifted to me by Urban Decay. I did an immediate unboxing but decided to do a blog post dedicated to swatches and pictures of the products, plus a look I did.

One of the first things I read on different makeup Instagram pages is that they didn’t like the bulky packaging of the eyeshadow palette. I am one who prefers very sleek packaging – but I can understand when a makeup company collaborates with a show, movie, etc and they add some extra pizzazz to these specific collections. After all, fans of these shows, movies, celebrities will purchase these things and appreciate them.

Game of Thrones Eyeshadow Palette.

For this collection – I am very happy they decided to add the details they did – even if it makes the packaging a little bulky.

The eyeshadow palette in particular is my favorite item in the collection. I really love the thought and detail they put into it.

If you’re a fan of the show – I recommend the palette out of anything, hands down. I love the quote by Daenerys Targaryen – the queen & mother of dragons.

I also love the pop up iron throne – which a lot of people said wasn’t needed- but come on! It is so cool that they added that detail. I really love it.

And of course, the quote underneath the throne is by Tyrion Lannister: one of my favorite characters on the show!

I decided to swatch the eyeshadow palette as they are divided: by houses and one palette dedicated to the white walkers. I will start with White Walkers: I loved the color scheme – it’s great for someone who wants to dip into deep, cool tones. I am not a fan at all of glitter in eyeshadows, so I was sad to see that Take the Black had some in it. They all swatched nicely!

The second set of swatches come from the Stark house. Winterfell is a beautiful shade, but it did crumble some. The rest of the shades swatched pretty good. I used the shade Weirwood Leaves for a look and had no trouble blending out the shade. I think this color scheme definitely screams fall!

The third set of shadows Is dedicated to the Lannister house. The shade King’s Landing was so soft and buttery – probably the creamiest in the bunch. It was amazing! The rest of the shadows were okay. I did use the shade House Lannister and it definitely applies better than it swatches.

The last house is dedicated to the Targaryens. I know this color scheme looks so light, but it is what I used for most of the eye look you will see further down in this post. The shades were easy to use. Stormborn did crumble and there was fallout, so I would suggest doing your eyes before applying face makeup.

Mother of Dragons Highlighter Palette.

I’m a fan of Urban Decay highlight palettes. I would buy them before I was added to their PR list, and now I’m glad I receive some of them in the collections that are sent to me. This highlight palette is beautiful. I saw some people write that they would have liked UD to take a chance and make the shades the same color the dragons are.

I can just imagine how beautiful it would have been! Even though they played the safe route, I used this palette today by mixing all the shades together and I really enjoyed it! They are all soft to the touch and applied beautifully. I also love the design and tried my best not to ruin it!

Game of Thrones 24/7 Eye Pencils.

I did not use these for my eye look. I completely forgot to do so which is pretty dumb on my part. I dont have the best luck with longevity on the water line with Urban Decay eyeliners, but I do try to use them here and there. I think my least favorite of these is Winterfell Snow, just not sure how I would use it. How do you feel about this shade?

Game of Thrones Eyeshadow Brush – Needle and Longclaw.

This Eyeshadow brushes are dedicated to Arya Stark’s and Jon Snow’s sword, which I think are pretty neat. One can be used as an all over shadow brush while the other is to pack more dense shades. I like them both so much that I will not be using them, and instead using them for photo props and as a true collector’s item. I love the detail of the brush ends too!

Dracarys Lip and Cheek Stain.

The lip and cheek stain is another product I did not try out but upon swatching, I can tell you this: the stain will stain you. I know that’s the point of this, but I spread the product out with my fingers and my finger stayed stained for quite a while even though I tried removing it with makeup remover. I’d suggest applying it straight to a brush or sponge to avoid that. The formula is also liquidy, which I don’t mind at all, just need to be careful not to drop it on carpet, etc. Is this an item you’ll be picking up?

Game of Thrones Vice Lipstick.

Here is the last part of the collection: the lipsticks! I am a huge fan of the vice lipstick formula so it all comes down to shade preference. If you’ve used the formula and are a fan I would confidently say that picking up a shade you would use in this collection will give you no problems.

I mixed together Sansa Stark and White Walker for an ombré-type look and loved it! While I’m not a fan of metallic lipsticks, there was a makeup look in the pamphlet provided that had Cersei Lannister paired with a gold eye and it looked beautiful! I might try to recreate that!

Here is one of the looks I came up with using items from this collection: I concentrated on mostly shades from House Targaryen with a few from House Stark. I also used the Mother of Dragons highlight palette (mixed all 3) and combined both Sansa Stark and White Walker lipsticks.

Phew! What a long blog post! What do you think of this collection?! Is it something you’d consider getting a few pieces from? If so – what? Please let me know!

This collection will be available on April 14th – Sunday, which is the day of the season 8 premiere: the final season. I am so excited to watch it!

It will be available on Urban Decay’s website and currently “coming soon” at Ulta. I’m not too sure if Ulta will also be releasing the 14th but the UD website will be. Be on the lookout!

Thank you so much for reading!


*links are affiliate links.

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