Review: Natasha Denona Biba Palette!

I’m here today to provide my thoughts and swatches/looks on the brand new Natasha Denona Biba palette. This post is long overdue as I purchased this March 15. However, it has given me time to use every single shade in this palette and I can provide my true, honest thoughts.

As per Natasha Denona:

“Biba features 15 brand-new shades of Natasha Denona’s signature formulas. It includes warm, neutral, and cool tones, from light to dark, in different textures. This eyeshadow palette is user-friendly, and covers a shade range that varies from mauves, burgundies, and browns to warm greys and blacks.”

The packaging of this palette is identical to that of Tropic and Safari palette. If you’re unfamiliar with this packaging, the shades are housed in a plastic compact that contains a full mirror and the shade names placed under each shade. When compared to her leather palettes (Gold, Sunset, Lila) the shades are placed on an annoying plastic page in the middle of the palette, which I do not like. I much prefer this packaging.

I was a little skeptical on how it would perform since I did not have the best luck with the Tropic palette. However, after trying all of the shades in this palette I am happy to report that this was far better than Tropic. ND states that some of the shades in this palette are a cream to powder formula. Even then, I had no trouble with them at all.

Now they didn’t swatch the nicest, but they applied just fine without difficulty. The matte shades were very easy to blend with any brushes shades I decided to use. The shimmer shades in this palette are absolutely beautiful. Yes, there are only 3 in the palette, but to me, they are the perfect 3 shades you’d need to create looks with this.

I tried several different looks with this palette and have loved every single one! The first time i tried this palette was for my baby shower – which was a gamble since I wasn’t sure how it would work. It turned out perfectly!

The second look I came up with was a quick one for work, which I do not have a picture of, unfortunately. The third look used all the cooler tones at the bottom of the palette and I can say with confidence that the shade Spot (a cream to powder shade) was so easy to use and blend on the eyes! If you’re looking for a palette with a matte black that you can work with – this one is it!

Here is a picture of the eye look I did for my baby shower – I didn’t have a lipstick on yet so it doesn’t look complete, so please just look at the eye look!

Overall, I love the palette. I think it’s great and I love the color scheme. I think it would be great for every day, work appropriate, and there are deeper shades that can transition from day to night, or for a Smokey eye look. The only bad thing is the hefty price tag.

I was able to trade in my Sephora points for this palette, so I only paid $30 with tax. However, this palette costs $129 without taxes so you would have to think long and hard whether this would be worth it for you and your needs.

Is this palette one you’re considering getting? If you’ve already purchased it – how do you feel about it?! Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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