April 2019 Favorites!

I just now realized I completely forgot to do a March favorites post, so I decided I would not let another month pass by before letting you know all of the things I truly loved this month! Also, it can serve as a “what I would recommend from the Sephora sale” since it is currently going on right now! Alright, instead of continuing to ramble, let me get started!

Natasha Denona Biba Palette

This palette was one I just *knew* I had to have as soon as the promo pics were released! (I have a full review of this palette HERE). Thankfully, I had a rouge $100 reward to spend on it so on release day, I ran to Sephora and paid a total of $31 and change for it. What a steal! And I do not regret it one bit. This palette has been used on two special occasions: my baby shower and my maternity pictures. I trusted it enough to use it both times since the shadows are phenomenal! They all apply easily and blend great with each other. There is no muddiness and the colors lasted hours after my events were over. The perfect neutral palette!

Charlotte Tilbury Icon Palette

This is also one I waited patiently for since I had a Nordstrom note and it took forever to get there! Once it did I ordered straight away. This palette is my favorite of hers, I think, when compared to her quads. I really like that there are more than 4 shades to choose from and I love the versatility of it. Obviously not too versatile but just enough. There are no true matte shades but I didn’t find myself needing to reach for anything else to complete my looks with it. The shades on here were also easy to use and blend. I’m a huge fan and think it’s another great option!

Jouer Blush Palette

This was my first dive into Jouer cheek products but when I saw the pictures of this palette i just couldn’t resist. It’s the perfect palette for spring! I really like that they went just a little out there and added that gorgeous orange shade while also having some neutrals and pinks. I have since used almost all shades and love it. The formula is nice, not too much kick up and I still had to tap the excess off the brush since they are very pigmented. They wore well for hours and played nice when I combined two or three shades together. I will now be on the lookout for future blush palettes made by them!

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Luminous Color

I added this les beiges bronzer to my rotation sometime in the month of April to get more use out of others in my collection since I’m stuck on my too Faced one. This one was a beauty! First of all, I will always love the Chanel scent. It is my absolute favorite! Yes, this bronzer does have a scent to it. Just opening it up and taking a whiff got me excited to use it! The bronzer is on the warmer side so I did use a big fluffy powder brush to apply it all over the face. It gave me just the right amount of warmth to help me look put together without looking like I overdid it in the sun. It held up nicely all day and it’s honestly a breeze to apply. I loved it!

Milani Baked Blush in Petal Primavera

I picked up two new blushes Milani recently released and have been using both intermittently during my rotations. My favorite of the two and the one I’ve been using on a constant basis is Petal Primavera. It’s the lighter of the two new options and while it looks like practically nothing swatched on my arm, it is absolutely beautiful on the skin! I used this blush for my maternity shoot as well because it was the perfect neutral/pink color. I’ve used it two weeks in a row and will probably keep it in my rotation since I really like it that much! You definitely have to try this one, it is absolutely gorgeous!

Drunk Elephant Slaii Makeup Remover

This product was graciously sent to me by DE, and I must say I was skeptical at first since I’ve tried using a balmy makeup remover and I just did not get along well with it (Clinique Take the Day off balm). This one however worked so much better! First of all, the formula of this one is just so soft – I didn’t experience that with the Clinique, unfortunately. It took a lot to scrape some of it off, so the first time I used Drunk Elephant’s I went in hard and it was a super soft texture. I learned my lesson! It’s easy to apply, doesn’t feel hard or uncomfortable, and It left my skin feeling smooth, not stiff at all. I still go in with a cleanser because I’m used to that and I like to make sure every part of my makeup comes off, but I’ve been enjoying this! It’s definitely worth you checking out!

Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumpers

If you’re coming from my Instagram page, you will know that I discovered these a few months ago and have been obsessed! They are some of my favorite gloss formulas (including high end) and I think they are worth every single penny! They have a slight tingle to them as they are lip plumpers, but they are super comfortable on the lips and they do not move anything you might have underneath them. I love using lipliner and lipstick, so when this gloss is applied over, I can do so without my lipstick or lipliner moving around. It lasts for a few hours before needing to reapply, especially if you are eating. I was recently gifted their newer shades and I couldn’t have been more excited!! They are all now in my rotation so I can choose a different one every day. I think they are some of the best and would definitely recommend you checking them out!

These were all of my April favorites and products I would recommend during the Sephora sale! What were your favorites this past month?! Let me know!

Thank you for reading!


*Links provided are affiliate links.

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