Review: NARS Summer Lights Face Palette & Comparison Swatches.

I’m such a huge fan of NARS releases. I almost always have to get at least one thing from each of their collections and sometimes I’ll get several things. When they came out with their Nordstrom exclusive palettes, I’ll admit I was tempted. However I decided to hold off. I’m glad I did! The NARS Summer Lights palette was released not too long after, and after playing with it in-store, well.. I couldn’t leave without it.

As per NARS:

“A limited-edition face palette containing four eyeshadows, a bronzer, and a highlighter in sensual and sultry tones. These four eyeshadows in cult-classic matte and shimmering finishes, pair perfectly with complimentary bronzer and highlighter. Add instant warmth and radiance to any look.”

The packaging of this palette has been on par with their latest releases, including the NARS Exposed cheek palette, which I reviewed HERE. The outer packaging is the same, shiny, and smooth, and the design of the shadows (a sand-like design) is perfect for summer!

When I swatched the shadows, I was very surprised that they were extremely soft to the touch. This isn’t something I’m used to from them, if I’m being quite honest. I’m a fan of their shadows but I can’t recall previous eye/face palettes being this soft texture. I think that’s the first thing that drew me in.

The second thing that drew me in were the swatches. They were completely opaque, and while swatches don’t really tell how a palette will perform, I trusted the pigment enough to feel that it was something I’d definitely enjoy.

The highlight and bronzer were also of a super soft and smooth texture. I had no issues applying either of the shades. The bronzer was just a tad light swatched on my arm but it looked fine when applied on my face.

The shadows, bronzer, and highlight were easy to apply with my usual makeup brushes. The shadows stayed on all day without primer and eventually faded after about 6 or so. I noticed that the bronzer and highlight didn’t swatch very well but performed exceptionally! Especially the highlight. It can definitely pack a punch.

Here is a look I did with it, a little more Smokey so you can see that this palette can be played up if you wish for it to be:

Overall, I’m really happy with this and wanted to compare it against other NARS palettes that have been released lately:

Summer Lights vs Skin Deep.

Here are comparison swatches between the most similar shades in both palettes. I honestly don’t think there are any similarities here. As I’ve said before (check out my review on Skin Deep HERE), this palette leans more cool toned and it’s evident in the swatch comparisons.

Summer Lights vs Loaded.

Here are comparison swatches between the most similar shades in both palettes. Although Loaded isn’t available anymore, I figured I’d show you in case you own Loaded. Loaded is definitely more warm toned overall, but again, I don’t really see any immediate dupes, except for one or two shades in these palettes.

Summer Lights vs Atomic Blonde.

Here are comparison swatches between the LE and no longer available Atomic Blonde with the new Summer Lights Palette. I just wanted to reference it in case you might own AB. In my opinion, Atomic Blonde is definitely warmer than Summer Lights. I think this palette is most similar to Summer Lights in that they are basically the same design: 4 shadows, two face products. They are also both warmer than the previous two palettes I compared them to. If you missed out on Atomic Blonde, this might be the next best option. They aren’t identical, but they have the same feel to them.

Well, there you have it! My mini review and comparison swatches of the new NARS Summer Lights eye and face palette! I’m really enjoying using it, it’s definitely a one-and-done, on-the-go palette! I’m glad to have it in my collection.

What do you all think of Summer Lights? Will you be picking it up? How do you think it compares to the other palettes?

Summer Lights retails for $59 US dollars and is available for purchase HERE.

Let me know, and thank you so much for reading!


*Links provided are affiliate links.

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