Review: Charlotte Tilbury Lovegasm Face Palette & Comparison Swatches.

Hello again! For today’s blog post I am super excited to share my thoughts, swatches, and two looks using the brand new Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm face palette. As soon as I saw these I knew it was something I wanted to have! Thankfully my wonderful husband came through and purchased this one for me. Let’s get on to the review!

As per Charlotte Tilbury:

“A limited-edition complexion-enhancing face palette featuring four light-diffusing shades including a bronzer, blush, and highlighter. These shades bring instant magic to skin and a new level of glow. Lustrous pearl pigments give your skin a lit-from-within glow and a dreamy, rainbow-effect finish while a brightening glow gel provides a glowing translucency that stretches over the skin and plays with light. Smoothing polymers give a gorgeous, soft-focus finish.”

Wow! That was a mouthful. Ha! I want to comment on the packaging first. The outer design is absolutely stunning! I’m glad she decided to go with something different from her usual maroon/deep red packaging. For some reason I thought this palette would be bigger. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great size in the grand scheme of things, I’m just used to face palettes being bigger, I guess. I had no issues with the pan size using big fluffy brushes so that’s great. The packaging feels sturdy and it’s a bit on the heavier side which I love. It makes it feel more luxurious. This is one I wouldn’t have trouble throwing in my purse or traveling with as it seems to be strong enough to take a couple of hits if it had to.

The design of the powders are just mesmerizing. Really! Just staring at it can hurt my eyes after some time. It is a beautiful design that can play tricks on your eyes if you stare too long lol.

As far as application goes, because the embossment is so deeply embedded in the powders, I did have to take some time to build up the bronzer on my brush. Once I was able to grab some color it performed just fine. I did experience this the second time I used it as well: having to really dig into the bronzer.

Using a MAC 224 brush on the bronzer (for eye application) was the same, I had to dig into the color in order to apply it to my eyes. The rest of the shades felt a little rough to the touch, but again, I’m blaming the design. For the rest of the colors, just applying a little pressure onto the brush was enough to give me lots of pigment.

The colors have the ability to give you the most glowy look imaginable, depending on how much of the product you end up using, where you choose to apply it, etc. The colors stayed on for a good 10 hours before I took off my makeup for the day. I had no issues with fading, but I did use my Milk Hydro Grip primer on the face and my NARS eye primer for the eyes.

Look #1

For the first look I decided to go for a subtle, glowy look concentrating on the highlight and blush shades on the eyes, and then adding the bronzer and the rest of the shades on the cheeks. I absolutely loved the way it turned out. You can definitely see just how glowy the palette made my cheeks and eyes.

Look #2

For the second look I decided to apply the bronzer on the eyes in order to create a deeper look versus the luminous look I did the first day. The eye was more subtle this time but the cheeks were super glowy again. I used my primer on both the eyes and face again and it lasted through humidity and rain (8-10 hours) as I ran errands.

Overall the palette was easy to use, with the exception of the bronzer. It did take more work to build up but I was happy with the end result. The wear time was fabulous and the shades are absolutely stunning!

Lovegasm vs Made with Love by Malika palette

Now, when this released, so many people said it looked exactly like the face palettes Becca released a few months back. Since I have both palettes, I decided to compare them here for you and give you my thoughts on whether you need both, etc. I do have an individual review on Becca’s face palette HERE.

Just looking at them side by side you can see why so many people say it’s the same product, but Becca’s is much more affordable. Both palettes have very similar shades in them. However, there are some differences:

The first difference is the formulation of the powders. Becca’s powders are super soft to the touch, almost like Hourglass powders. They are very easily picked up with a brush and can have some kick-up because of how they are formulated. The powders in the Tilbury palette are definitely harder to pick up. You would get the most color payoff by going in a little hard with your brush versus going in softly.

The second difference is the overall luminosity of the palettes. While the swatches look similar, I think if your goal is to have a palette that will give you tons of luminosity, then Lovegasm is the way to go. Don’t get me wrong, the Malika palette has its share of luminosity, but the blushes are a little more muted than those in Lovegasm. Of course, these are just minor differences when comparing the palettes as a whole.

Do you need both? I don’t think so! If you’ve already invested in the Becca palette, I really think you’re fine and don’t need Lovegasm. However, if you love Charlotte Tilbury products and are wondering if Lovegasm is worth it, then I’ll be the first to tell you – YES! It is worth it!!

Is this palette one you picked up during the sale?! It disappeared SO FAST I was shocked! I am really enjoying using it so far! I really love the things Charlotte Tilbury releases so I knew this was something I would enjoy, even if I have a very similar product in my collection already!

The Lovegasm palette retails for $75 US dollars and can be purchased HERE.

Thank you for reading!


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