My Current Favorite Lip Products!

I have been throwing review after review your way (if you read my blog) and I decided I wanted to do something fun! I have recently been on a lip kick and thought I would share my current favorite lip products. Some of them are old favorites that I have exhausted all over my Instagram and blog account, and some are new that I really wanted to share!


There are a plethora of lipsticks offered at both drugstore and high end price ranges. I wanted to first share some of my current higher end favorites.

One set of lipsticks that I fell in love with are the new Becca Ultimate Lipstick Love. I first bought two of the shades released with the Becca x Khloe & Malika face palettes which were Yours Truly and Cupid’s Kiss. I reviewed one of these lipsticks HERE, but I just wanted to share with you that I’ve since purchased several and I think they are amazing!

The formula of these is very creamy but also not slippery. Let me see how I can describe this better: the formula doesn’t tug at your lips, it glides on easily. However, the formula has just enough thickness that it will last longer than a typical moisturizing formula. It doesn’t feel heavy on the lips at all, at least not to me, and wears for hours.

I am loving the nude shades I picked out and would recommend them whole heartedly!

A second set of lipsticks I’ve been loving are my Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lipsticks. I also have a review on these HERE, and have found a drugstore dupe for them as well, but the shade in particular I’ve been reaching for is Haute Cocoa.

I just love the shade against my skin, it’s a deeper neutral shade that was out of stock forever when they released. I was finally able to snag it and it has been my favorite of the colors I chose. The formula of these applies like a liquid lipstick, only a softer formula, and it never completely dries down which I prefer since I’m not really into drying liquid lipsticks at the moment.

The longevity of these is not as long as a traditional liquid lip, but I prefer it be more moisturizing than anything, so I don’t mind. I think these are great (and so are their dupes) and I would recommend them whole heartedly!

One drugstore lipstick I keep going back to is the Loreal Colour Riche Shine Lipstick in the shade Glossy Fawn. I did a blog post on these lipsticks a while back that you can read on HERE, but I’ve since declutter some of the shades because I decided later that they didn’t flatter my skin tone.

This shade in particular has been a go-to of mine, since it’s deep enough to wear on its own and I can toss it in my bag and go. The formula of this one is very moisturizing so it doesn’t last too long. I’m okay with that! I really have enjoyed this formula and would recommend them since they are very affordable.

Alrighty, one last lipstick that I have enjoyed so much in the last couple of days has been the Charlotte Tilbury Superstar Lips in the shade Pillowtalk. I bought it when it released and have two different shades. Since I’m on a nude lipstick kick I have reached for pillow talk more, but the formula of these is also super moisturizing and comfortable to wear.

These also don’t last too long but again, my main preference lately has been comfortability over longevity. I think I may prefer these over her other lipstick formulas at the moment. I would definitely recommend checking them out if you’re lucky enough to have a counter by you. I ordered blindly and I’m glad I ended up loving them!


For a solid month or two now, the Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plmper glosses have been an absolute staple in my collection. I purchased the shades Champagne, Luminoso, and Prismatic Peach at Walmart, however since then Milani was kind enough to gift me their newest shades, swatched HERE.

I really love these. Some of the colors are opaque enough to add just a hint of color on their own while others are more sheer and would work great on top of lipsticks. They add immense shine and really make your lips look plump and juicy. There isn’t much else to say that I haven’t said before.

I might be cheating a bit here since these are new to my collection, but I have used two everyday this week and can confidently tell you it is one of my favorite gloss formulas at the moment! They are the new Hourglass Unreal Volumizing High Shine Lipglosses! There are three different versions: shine, pearl, and shimmer and the 3 I have picked up are the shines.

These are very opaque, enough that I feel they could be worn on their own and you would get good color payoff depending on the shade you choose. I found these to be just a bit thicker, but not sticky. They last on the lips for a longer time than other glosses I own and I really like that.

The shade Provoke is a cool toned gloss that I blindly ordered and hoped wouldn’t look too grey on me and it didn’t! It’s a beautiful shade! I then picked up Truth and Child and have been loving using them topped over lipsticks.

These are on the pricey side so I would suggest seeing them in person. If you are a gloss lover, these are your new best friends. They are perfect and I have no complaints about them! Definitely worth it!

Well, there you have it! My current favorite lipsticks and glosses. As you can see I’ve been having a thing for nude lip products lately, and moisturizing ones at that. What lipsticks have you been loving? Let me know!

Thank you for reading!


*Links provided are affiliate links.

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