Review: Charlotte Tilbury Lightgasm Face Palette & Comparison Swatches.

Hello! I’m here today to review the brand new and seriously popular + aesthetically pleasing Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Face Palette in Lightgasm. I was so intrigued by these palettes and being a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury, I knew one would eventually be mine. My husband was sweet enough to get me the palette in Lovegasm, which I reviewed HERE. After loving that one and having FOMO, I decided to order the lighter option. I knew this might be a mistake considering how much lighter the tones are, but I ordered anyway and I’m ready to give you my thoughts on it!

As per Charlotte Tilbury:

“A limited-edition complexion-enhancing face palette featuring four light-diffusing shades including a bronzer, blush, and highlighter. These shades bring instant magic to skin and a new level of glow. Lustrous pearl pigments give your skin a lit-from-within glow and a dreamy, rainbow-effect finish while a brightening glow gel provides a glowing translucency that stretches over the skin and plays with light. Smoothing polymers give a gorgeous, soft-focus finish.”

As I mentioned in my review of the medium face palette, the packaging of these are beyond beautiful. I’m glad she was able to get away from the deep burgundy packaging and make this one different. It is sturdy enough to throw in your makeup bag without fear of the powders breaking, in my opinion.

The texture of these powders are a firmer than other powders in face palettes I have used recently and previously. I felt that I really had to dig my brush into these in order to get some color payoff with the bronzer, the deepest shade in the palette. I really think this is because of the embossment of the powders. The words are so deeply embedded in the palettes that it can take a bit more work to pick up with a brush. If you are using your fingers to apply these, then there really isn’t a problem.

I also felt, personally, that the powders in here, besides the bronzer, were just a bit rougher than the ones in Lovegasm. I say besides the bronzer because they were both pretty hard to pick up with a brush. I’m not exactly sure why this is, but I did feel that they were just a bit sturdier and took more effort.

The colors in here are several shades lighter than Lovegasm. I think for people with fair/light skintones, this is going to work perfectly. I think you’ll get excellent color payoff on your face with all of the powders in here. If you are in the light medium range and deeper, this might take some building up. I read somewhere on either instagram or youtube that using a stipple brush helped the color to appear better on medium skintones so that is what I did when using the palette for the first time.

I used three different stipple brushes in order to achieve the look I did pictured in this blog post. I was able to get decent color payoff with the bronzer using a small stipple brush from the Up&Up brand by Target and I used a MAC stipple brush in order to apply the Pop Blush shade – which is marketed as the actual blush in the palette. For the two highlight shades I was able to use a regular Morphe highlight brush without issue.

I believe it took two layers to build up the bronzer where it could be seen on my skin, and it took 3 layers of application of the pop blush to be able to be seen. I think this was a bit excessive though, because as seen on my picture, my cheeks looked really pink. I think 1 or 2 layers of the blush might have been fine.

The powders wore well for about 5 hours before I removed them for the night. I think once applied you won’t have any issues with the powders really disappearing, but maybe fading over time. I had no fading in the 5 hours they were worn on the face and eyes, so I was happy with the end result. I also forgot to add primer on both eyes and face so there you go!

Overall, this is a nice palette, just like its sister Lovegasm. however, I do think you need to really think about whether this would suit your skin tone because it took layering on my part. I would suggest swatching it in-store and looking up reviews on youtube, blogs, etc. in order to see whether this palette would be good for you. Like I previously mentioned, I am a huge fan and I couldn’t resist.

Tilbury Lightgasm Palette vs. Becca I Love Khloe Palette.

 I did a review on the deeper versions of both of these palettes and I am doing the same here. I have the exact same opinions comparing these palettes. First: the Becca x Khloe palette has very finely milled powders that are very easy to pick up with a brush. There is absolutely no trouble with these at all. They feel like Hourglass powders in their thinness and apply very nicely on the face.

I was actually able to have these powders show up far better on my skin because of how much of the product you can pick up without digging your brush in it.

Second, I feel that Lightgasm has an overall glow effect to it versus the Khloe palette. If your goal is to have a very luminous, glowy look, then Lightgasm is the better option. I think the Khloe palette can give a glowy look too, it’s just more muted as the blush and bronzers are definitely on the matte side if compared to the same shades in the Lightgasm palette.

I really think that comparing these two together, for my skintone, the Khloe palette is definitely the better option. It’s not difficult to have the colors in this palette show up on my skin versus the layering I had to do with Lightgasm. I’m glad I have both, and I look forward to using them together!

Lovegasm vs Lightgasm.

I just quickly wanted to do comparison swatches between both of the Charlotte Tilbury palettes since I did get asked to compare them side by side. I think if you’re on the medium to deeper skin range, there is no doubt that Lovegasm is the palette to go with.

If you’re on the lighter side of the spectrum you might enjoy either or, depending on how much color payoff you want. I’ve seen people review both of these at once who are several shades lighter than I am that preferred Lovegasm over Lightgasm. It really is just personal preference and what you’re looking for.

I personally would recommend the deeper option since it’s not a super opaque and pigmented formula; I found that I really had to build up the products in Lightgasm using several layers and with this price point, I would suggest Lovegasm for anyone with my skin tone and deeper . If you’re very fair though, you might enjoy Lightgasm best!

This was such a long blog post but I really wanted to show you all looks and comparison swatches! What do you think of the palette? Which do you prefer? Let me know!

Thank you for reading!


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