Too Faced Holiday 2019 Haul & Review

I’m not usually one to fall for holiday releases. It’s actually been quite a while since I fell in love with one brand’s holiday release. This year though, Too Faced really caught my attention with theirs. I was instantly attracted to several of their products and I had to go see them for myself. After playing with them in store I decided to bring some of the items home. I wanted to go ahead and review them for you in case you were thinking of picking them up during the holiday sales, because we know that stores are going to continue with their sales – at least until the year is over.

The first thing on my list was the Gingerbread Extra Spicy Palette. Now, I picked up last year’s and was very happy with it however I must admit that it was a palette that I hardly reached for this year as it got overshadowed by others in my collection. Still, I was happy to have in my collection so when the new one came out it definitely peaked my interest.

With this new palette, you’re getting the same sturdy packaging that comes in their chocolate bar line as well as their sweet peach palette. Unfortunately, the mirror in my palette did come apart but I didn’t feel like it was too big of a deal. I just applied some glue on it and stuck it right back on.

The shadows are pretty easy to work with, I found that a few of the shimmers need just a little bit of help like a dense packing brush to get the maximum effect. I had no problems with the matte shades either, but i do use an eyeshadow primer.

I’ve used this palette several times, trying to use new colors every time but overall, you will be getting warm toned looks with the palette. I don’t mind as I feel that warm tones flatter me the most.

Here is a side by side comparison with the original Gingerbread palette. At first I thought that they looked really similar; maybe the shades had just been rearranged, but upon closer look there are some differences. I personally feel that you can create more looks with the original and they can range from warm – to neutral – to cool. You have that nice color selection.

It really is just up to personal preference, but I’m glad both are currently available so that a consumer can get the one they would use the most. I did buy the first palette during the original release so I feel okay getting the new one a year or so later.

The second piece that I picked out from their holiday collection was the Hot Buttered Rum palette. Honestly, I looked up so many reviews, tutorials, and blog posts/swatches of this little palette before I committed to buying it and I’m glad I did!

The palette looks very warm toned when you’re just looking at it, but if you start to compare it against other warm toned palettes you’ll see that this little guy shifts more neutral to cool toned. I did a comparison to the Naked Honey palette and it is similar but the shades, like I mentioned, are more neutral/cool.

The packaging in this palette is plastic, very thin, and just a bit bigger than a credit card. This is perfect for travel and a space saver if you throw your makeup for the day into a bag like I do.

The shadows are all great, even the dark brown matte that’s got glitter/shimmer in it. I really don’t like when they do that, but you can’t detect it on the eye and that’s great since it’s the only shade that really lets you do a Smokey eye.

Overall I’m pleased with it and think it’s a great one to pick up if you’ve been eyeing or want something compact and easy to use!

These Gingerbread liquid lipsticks aren’t something I picked up recently; I actually picked up the first one with the original Gingerbread palette and Gingerbread Girl a while back when they released it. I actually really like these liquid lipsticks. I think they last long but don’t dry out your lips like some liquid lipsticks can.

I really like both shades but I don’t think you need them both. The undertones are just a bit different but not distinct enough, especially if you aren’t a crazy makeup lover! Ha. I had to have both though because I love the packaging and I like these tones on me for fall.

I had initially also purchased the Better Not Pout gloss set, which I will grab a picture from Sephora’s website here, but I returned them. I just felt that initially, I was okay with the fact that they left a bunch of glitter on your lips, but on second thought, decided that I didn’t really like that anymore.

The glosses are pigmented. I do own a full size of the same formula, but once the gloss fades you’re left with a bunch of glitter on your lips and I don’t really care for that at the moment, so back it went.

I do want to pick up the Gingerbread Bronzed & Kissed set that comes with a bullet lipstick and cute gingerbread pouch, but I do believe it’s out of stock almost everywhere. If it comes back, and something else hasn’t caught my eye, then I might consider getting it.

There are also so many other holiday sets available, including store exclusives at Sephora, Ulta, Too Faced other retailers.

What have you picked out from the Too Faced holiday collection? They can be overwhelming since they literally have a different set available at every retailer they’re at. To me, the regular size palettes are most worth it. After that, I don’t really look into the sets because they’re too much, and then I don’t end up using them. I’ve bought one or two sets a few years back and decluttered them soon after. I won’t make that mistake again.

Let me know!

Thank you for reading!


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