Colourpop x Disney Frozen II Elsa Collection Review

Hello! So after receiving the Anna collection from Colourpop a few weeks back, I decided that I would buy the Elsa Collection! If you read my previous blog on the Anna collection HERE, you’ll know that I recently saw and fell in love with the movie, so I really wanted to complete my little Frozen collection. I have yet to see part 2, but I want to soon! On to the makeup!

You can pick up these pieces individually, but since I was gifted the collector’s edition box with the Anna version, I bought the same edition for Elsa. The artwork on these boxes are absolutely gorgeous. The box is textured as well, so the snowflakes can be felt. They’re honestly beautiful! The best part is the pieces come out just a wee bit cheaper when you purchase the Elsa Collection ($38) versus buying every piece individually ($40).

Elsa Palette

What I love about this collab is that they really stuck to the personalities of the characters for their respective collections. Where as Anna’s is mostly warm toned and really fits the color scheme of her personality and outfit, Elsa’s is a true representation of her being a Snow Queen by housing mostly cool toned shades.

Just looking at the shade range + having watched the movie, you’ll know they nailed the color story. There are 4 matte shades, 4 metallic, and 1 glitter shade. They feel and perform similar to other Colourpop shadows; I had no issues. I did find them to be a bit powdery when I dipped my brush into them, but I don’t mind powdery shadows since they allow me to blend the color a little better, especially those deeper shades!

I created a simple look with the palette as I had errands to run and didn’t have a lot of time. I concentrated on the purple shades in the palette and I liked the way it turned out. Colourpop shadows last a good amount of time on the eyes, but I always add eyeshadow primer to ensure they last those long work days. I don’t experience any creasing or fading, but again, I do wear a primer. I definitely want to play with the blue and silver next! I will update this blog post when I do.

The lipstick in the shade Little Snow is described as a “pink raspberry.” The shade on me is a little more muted than a traditional raspberry color but I don’t mind since the more muted it is, the more it flatters my skin tone. I am wearing it in the photo and I did pair it with my KKW Nude 1.5 lipliner which deepened it a bit. The color applies nicely and is very comfortable on the lips.

The lipgloss in the shade Mythic Journey is described as “opal with iridescent glitters” and it is true to its definition. It was hard to capture on camera and no matter how much I cleaned my stencil, some of the lipstick rubbed off onto the gloss swatch. This type of lipgloss is best suited as a topper to lipliner or lipstick. I’ve worn it once and I transferred the color onto the back of my hand to avoid getting color in the tube. It’s nice!

Here are swatches of both the Lux lipstick in Little Snow and Gloss in the shade Mythic Journey. Both gorgeous shades!

The last item in the Elsa box is The Dark Sea gliterally obsessed glitter gel described as a “silver blue glitter with multidimensional sparkles.” As I mentioned in the Anna review, this can be used on the face and hair.

I don’t see myself using this product, but I know it is popular because it is sold out on both Colourpop and Ulta’s website! If you’ve used this product please tell me how you use it!

Overall, I’m super happy with this collection. I fell in love with the movie and had to have both of these versions.

Did you pick up anything from this collection? Have you seen part two?! I’m so excited to go watch it but will have to wait a while! Thank you so much for reading my mini review!


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