Review: Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes To Hypnotise Palette.

Hello! I’m here to review the brand new (to me, at least) Charlotte Tilbury Holiday palette: Starry Eyes to Hypnotise. I knew I wanted this palette but I wasn’t able to get it right at release. Once the timing was right this beauty came home with me and I’m ready to share my thoughts on this palette with you!

The palette contains 12 shades divided into 4 trios. Charlotte usually does some sort of application system to make it easier for consumers to put together looks based on the type they want to achieve.

As per Charlotte:

“Darlings, light up your eyes with my NEW! Limited Edition Instant Eye Palette in Starry Eyes to Hypnotise!!

Four HYPNOTIC EYE GLOW LOOKS in a sumptuous, star-studded compact to take you anywhere…

  • HAPPY GLOW EYES: A sophisticated, sultry golden eye look with a swirl of matte caramel brown.
  • LOVE GLOW EYES: Rosy with romance, these pretty pinks work with every eye colour to create the most seductive, sensational gaze!
  • DREAM GLOW EYES: Universally-flattering, easy to wear dusky greens, with the warmth of gold softening this eye look for a dreamy, modern smokey eye.
  • SEDUCE GLOW EYES: Channel the mesmerising power of the night sky with hypnotic shades of midnight blue and silver. Create the ultimate party look with these amped-up hues!”

Let’s talk packaging: this is her nicest holiday packaging yet. I have picked up all 3 of her holiday palettes and the first two’s packaging were just okay – however this blue with gold really makes the palette feel festive and perfect for the holidays. I like the sleek, thin packaging of this; you will feel comfortable traveling with this or tossing it into your makeup bag.

As far as the color story goes I do want to say this: if you purchased last year’s holiday palette: Stars In Your Eyes, you may have some repeat shades in here. I noticed that the first half of the 2019 palette strongly resembles the 2018 palette, so swatch comparisons will definitely be made later in the post.

Here’s another thing to note: it was really hard for me to get good swatches with my fingers from the previous palettes. I’m not sure if this was a personal issue or it was an issue across the board. I noticed that for the Holiday 2017 Instant Eye palette, I got some hard pan when I was trying to get swatches with a finger. I quickly stopped and decided not to provide swatches for my Instagram. That is another reason I did not do a blog post or swatches for last years version as well: I wasn’t sure if they’d get hard pan doing so…

But I will be doing swatches for this year’s because they were so much more buttery and easy to swatch! The shadows pick up very easily with brushes. I had absolutely no issues getting any of the shadows onto a brush whether they were matte or shimmer or whether they were blending brush or packing brushes.

I do use an eyeshadow primer before any look because I have oily eyelids so eyeshadow tends to crease or fade on me. The shadows lasted all day without fading or creasing. I even slept with my makeup one night and found my eyeshadow perfectly intact in the morning! This is probably due in large part to my primer, so if you’re not a fan using some sort of eye base, I’m not sure how these shadows will work.

My favorite trio in here has got to be the first trio and third trio. I’ve done several looks using the Happy Glow trio. The second gold shade is absolutely amazing as a lid shade! I like using the first one in the center of the eyes to give it a pop. With this golden trio I’ve also been using one of her cream shadows, Star Gold, as a lid base to liven up the color just a bit, though if you don’t have it you don’t need it. I own it so I pair it with gold looks. Here is what it looks like:

The third trio, Dream Glow, has also been a favorite of mine! I loved the second shade in it. It seems like it’s a bronze shade but it’s actually green and looks so nice on the eyelids. I’ve also used the deep green all over the eyelids with the only brown matte shade in the palette. I didn’t get to capture the dark green look, but I do have one of the olive color. I did try to make it subtle for work but I loved it!

Now I wanted to compare this palette to last year’s version: Stars In Your Eyes. If you have it like I do, you’ll notice that the first half of this palette strongly resembles Stars in your Eyes.

I knew this when I was buying this year’s palette, but what really set it apart for me was the second half of the palette. I like that Starry Eyes to Hypnotise is more versatile; it would be perfect for travel because you have your choice of warm and cool shades, natural or Smokey eyes. So, I knew I would be picking it up. I compared the shades I felt were the most similar.

I also took a photo in different lighting so that you would be able to see the tones a little better. Sometimes the shades look exactly the same in the pan but the tones are just a bit different:

As you can see they look almost identical in the first swatch photo but in this photo the tones are definitely different. Are they different enough to justify both? That’s totally up to you! You already know how I feel since I did end up with both!

Overall, I really have enjoyed using Starry Eyes to Hypnotise and do not regret the purchase at all. In fact, I think her palette formula has gotten better since her initial 2017 release. They are smoother, blend a bit better, and aren’t harsh when using a finger.

Is this a palette you’ve been thinking about? It’s on the pricey side and the shades aren’t completely unique, so I think it is really easily dupable in your collection if you don’t want to spend the money! If you already have Stars In Your Eyes, the Nordstrom exclusive mini, or the new Charlotte mini palette, you probably don’t need this. However, I would definitely recommend it if you’ve been eyeing it. It’s a beautiful palette with a mix of light and deep shades, warm, neutral and cool tones.

Let me know how you like it if you have it, or if you’re going to pick it up!

Thanks for reading!


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