Eyeshadow Palettes I Regret Purchasing 2019.

One of my most favorite makeup items to buy is eyeshadow palettes. Nothing makes me weak in the knees like a set of powders all placed together in tiny little square or round pans with nice packaging – so naturally its something I buy a lot of throughout the year. That being said, I did purchase a few palettes that I look at and just know I shouldn’t have picked up for one reason or another, so I’m here to share that with you today. Are you ready? Here we go!

NARS Voyageur Palette in Suede.

I might be in the minority here because since I’ve purchased and returned these back in April, I’ve seen quite a few people buy different versions of these palettes and genuinely like them. While I typically love NARS eyeshadow palettes, these just missed the mark for me. I saw this palette on Ulta’s website and looked for reviews on almost every platform and couldn’t find anything on them, so I went ahead and ordered Suede and Nectar and patiently waited for their arrival.

Now I’m not sure if I may have gotten duds, but it took a good several swipes to get the colors to show up on my skin when I was trying to photograph them for my Instagram. At first I overlooked this and decided this was “nice, I can totally build up the color on these cool, Smokey tones,” but after some thought, I decided that no, I wouldn’t resort to that. I own almost every palette NARS has put out since Loaded, and I just felt that these formulas were not consistent with those. They felt drier, were patchy, and it took some work to get the color to build up on the eyes. I don’t remember having to work that hard for the bigger palettes, and at $30+ for a 6-pan palette, I decided it wasn’t worth it and back to the store it went.

NARS Voyageur Palette in Nectar.

Same goes for this palette – I just didn’t feel like this brought anything new to the table. And while colors are super redundant in every palette these days, I just felt that I had other palettes with the same shade range that performed so much better than this one at both drugstore and luxury price. So, this one was returned as well.

Like I said, I’ve seen people post about these and genuinely enjoy them. There are more options so maybe the others performed better. But for me, I just don’t think the formula was that good in either of these palettes so I’m glad I made up my mind with enough time to return them for something else.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette.

This palette was probably nice, but I never got to use it and here’s why: I like color and I like to dive into color every now and then, but this palette was full of so much of it that i just didn’t know how to use it and would always overlook it for others in my collection. I feel like I’ve come to the realization that colorful palettes really intrigue me and look absolutely fabulous, but I do better with palettes that have a few pops of color vs an all-colorful palette. You feel me?

So this was a purchase I regretted solely for the color story. I should have known better, but I fell into the new launch hype. ABH really used to get me with their launches – I felt like I needed them all. But this was the last one I felt i “needed” to pick up; i did buy the Jackie Aina and Carli Bybel palette but after some time and waiting for reviews. I am trying my best to only buy palettes that I know ill get use out of about 80% of the shades. This one was a regret after some reflection.

NARS Hot Nights Palette.

I’m really not trying to dog on NARS, I promise! I usually love all of their stuff, but here’s another palette I got suckered into buying just to have both palettes that released. I picked up the Summer Lights, the sister companion to this palette, back in May and the formula of these were actually really good. The formula was so soft and buttery and I loved my Summer Lights palette so much. So much, that I went to Ulta and found Hot Nights, swatched and felt the same buttery soft formula and brought it home with me without thinking. I was so proud of myself. Ha!

I never got around to really using it because I just didn’t enjoy the color story of this palette. I didn’t get inspired by it and the colors of the face powders were just too light for me. Just an overall regret. The other palette is great though! This one went back into my drawer and I haven’t really bothered to try to use it since.

Tom Ford Body Heat.

Honestly, this purchase was 100% my fault. I fell into the hype with Suspicion and decided that this quad would be a good idea. I love Tom ford’s wet/dry formula. I think its great that you can use them dry and get a good look or use them wet and get an even better look. The reason I’m deeply regretting this purchase is because the bottom two shades of the quad are so similar they are basically the same when applied on the eyes.

I cant remember if I’d seen swatches by the time I ordered this one, but when it arrived I was so disappointed by that. At $88, these quads shouldn’t have super similar shades to each other. There should be distinct differences so that you get your moneys worth. I am usually a fan of these quads but this one missed the mark with me and I should have known better. I still have it and I will use it, but just know the bottom two shades are almost the same and make the price not worth it.

Buxom Boss Babe Betty.

I picked this palette up at Ulta with my points when I saw it in store one day. I was able to swatch it and the shades I played with were nice and very pigmented so it came home with me. I was able to provide swatches via stencil and they just looked stunning. The perfect warm tone, bronze palette that could be used daily. However, I noticed a lot of the shimmer shades crumble when using a brush with them. I tried using a finger but noticed after the first layer was gone, I was left with crumbly eyeshadows and while I’m okay with a few shades in a palette doing that, the fact that all the shimmers in my palette were breaking apart just made me regret the purchase.

The color scheme was great but I couldn’t justify the purchase. I decided that even though I’d used my points to pick this up, it wasn’t worth keeping. So back to the store it went and I was able to use my points on something else. I have seen others really enjoy this palette and I’m glad it worked out for them. For me, not so much.

Morphe 35G Bronze Goals Palette.

This palette (and Buxom’s) are perfect examples of how finger swatches don’t always tell the truth behind a palette. I was in-store when this palette was released and when I swatched this palette it was truly heaven. I know people have their opinions on Morphe, but I do enjoy their eyeshadow palettes. Anyway, I swatched this and was blown away by the pigmentation. Since these are affordable I didn’t hesitate to bring it home with me.

I had so many people ask me about the quality of the palette since there were many bad reviews on this, but I have the habit of buying things and storing them for later use (don’t ask my why, I truly don’t know!). When I finally opened this palette up to use I was honestly shocked at how there was ZERO transfer onto my brushes. Ive never had this problem with previous Morphe palettes so I was so confused! I tried many of my packing brushes, from my most expensive to my cheapest and nothing worked. I resorted to applying these shades with my fingers instead. I do want to mention though that the matte shades in here were perfectly fine. It was the shimmer shades that were bad.

By the time I decided to use this I realized it was too late to return it so I still have it. I use it here and there since the color story really appeals to me. I’m just disappointed that I can only use my fingers to get the full potential of these shimmer shades. I usually don’t mind using my fingers when I want maximum output, but its usually my choice to do that and not a necessity. For that reason, I regret this purchase and wish I had read reviews before picking it up… or at least waiting.

Well there you have it! A few palettes that I regretted purchasing through the 2019 year. I’m just glad that I was able to return some of these and not have thrown my money away. Did you experience any similar issues if you have these palettes? Did they work for you?

What were some eyeshadow palettes you regretted purchasing this year?

As always, thank you so much for reading!


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